Just got home from a Steve Vai concert...

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  1. and still wishing I had bought the more expensive front row tickets!
    3 great guitarists, an excellent drummer, and a crazy bassist, namely Billy Sheehan.
    I missed Billy when he was last in Hong Kong back in September, and I was beating myself up about it, but not this time! I even got Billy to sign my ticket! :D
    Of course Steve Vai's signature is on it too, but he got lazy after signing one or two and just began signing "S Vai", and I got an "S Vai". Oh well. That's insignificant, what matters is Billy's signature! :p
    And he says he'd love to come back to Hong Kong again some time soon. So c'mon, guys. Billy Sheehan likes Hong Kong, I bet you'd like it too. :p

    Anyway, as soon as they got on stage, I looked at the tall guy with long blonde hair and a 4 string bass in a very familiar turquoise-green color. Then I looked closer and saw a Yamaha-ish headstock. Then I looked even closer and saw the dual inputs, and I just screamed "IT'S BILLY SHEEHAN!" But I think I was too far away for him to hear me. :(

    Getting the signatures was kind of boring. I really had to pee, but didn't want to risk missing the band, so I held it for an hour longer. Talking to Billy & getting his signature more than made up for that, though. :p

    I'd have to say the most memorable part of the show was when they played Blood And Glory, and then transisted into For The Love Of God. I'm surprised I still have my voice, especially after yelling after all of Billy's solos, and he had a lot of solos. :p
  2. jcadmus


    Apr 2, 2000
    Hoo, doggies, that had to be huge.

    I've been dying to see that show for years. Gotta do it.

    Dave LaRue and Stu Hamm are the other bass players on the tour this time out, I think. No slouches in their own right.

    I think I'd have a heart attack if I realized it was one of those guys playing on stage...

    Well, Stu Hamm'd be kinda easy to spot, I would imagine. :p

    "Hmmm...wait, that's a Fender-style headstock, but the body shape is kinda weird, and it's got a J-P-J pickup configuration...OMIGOD! IT'S STU HAMM!"
  4. Justin V

    Justin V

    Dec 27, 2000
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    Breathe Sheep Man, Breathe. ;)
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    Apr 28, 2000
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    You see the first page of this week's Onion? Not judging; just saying, is all.
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    Oct 17, 2001
    At my local music store there is a,i think, Yamaha.The thing special is that it's turqouise-blue and its signed by...you guessed it...BILLY SHEEHAN!the guy wouldnt let me play it though,sniff,sniff.Next time i go im asking one of the really nice guys to let me play it.that would be awesome,playing something that bily sheehan has played or touched,or better yet both!oh that would be awesome.well just telling yall.
  7. Yeah, they have one of those things at Tom Lee's, too. :p
  8. dsmith


    Mar 29, 2001
    Mt. Vernon, KY
    Many years ago I had the opportunity to see Billy with Mr. Big. It was an outside gig, with no seating, and being close to the stage was on a first come first serve basis. We were standing center stage, within inches of the stage, and all I can say is AWSOME!! Within 2 weeks I drove 4 hours to see Stu Hamm play the Cannery in Nashville TN. We were 15 feet from him for 2 hours. After watching these 2 live, it made we want to take up GOLF or BIRDWATCHING!!


    Mar 29, 2006
    There are kids on YouTube that have the same effect on me.
  10. Hi!

    Cool man, cool. That had to be a great experience.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    I can't believe that when this thread began, I was still in my thirties! Nearly 17 years dormant and rises again on TB! :D
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    Feb 7, 2005
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    Billy is a really nice guy.

    I caught the G3 tour over a decade ago in Raleigh.

    Billy had a hard time getting to talk to all the fans so he literally jumped the barricade and hung out in a parking lot talking to dozens of us. He was in no rush whatsoever. Same with Steve. Some kid would pull out his new bass and Billy would say to Steve "Hey come check this thing out."
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