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Just got my DB 680 -- Several Questions / Post your EQ settings!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Lockout, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Lockout


    Dec 24, 2002
    So the big brown truck carrying my Aguilar DB 680 arrived today! As soon as I plugged it in I knew I would love it. It sounds incredible. The only complaint I have is that it didn't come with a footswitch... Is the footswitch always sold separately or should I have gotten one with my 680? Not a big problem, but at $100, the footswitch is pretty expensive for what it does. :(

    Okay, on to my next topic. I've got a few questions for those of you who have experience with this preamp or with other similar situations. Firstly, I'm wondering where my DBX compressor should go in the signal chain... I've heard people say that the compressor should be first in the chain, but if I did that I would not be able to use the 680's dual footswitchable front inputs. Not that big of a deal, but the DBX only has inputs on the back, which would make it rather hard to switch basses with it racked. :(

    So I guess my other options are either putting it in the effects loop or after the 680, but I have a feeling the effects loop would not be the ideal place for it, especially since it's a parallel loop. How would it work after the preamp? I use the compressor mainly to add some more umph to my slapping, if that helps any. :)

    Finally, I was wondering if any of you current or former 680 owners could post the EQ settings you use the most, and what types of music you play. These dual parametric EQs are a little difficult to get used to, so I've been experimenting and I'm interested in seeing what everyone else uses. :D

  2. ivanthetrble


    Sep 9, 2002
    The footswitch can be had for about $70. Ask the BassCentral boys and they should be able to help you. Since you are asking....I would leave the compressor out of the chain to start. Add it later if you like but just let the 680 be itself for starters. Eq settings (without running down to the garage to check) are something like this:

    Deep switch = 0
    Bass = pretty much flat
    Little bump around 300 to 360 Hz with a wide Q
    Little bump around 12k Hz with a fairly narrow Q
    Treble = 0
    Bright switch = 0

    Play mostly fingerstyle but do slap a bit. Mostly play R&R and a bit-o-funk.
  3. Lockout


    Dec 24, 2002
    Hmmmm. I don't really need the footswitch right now, so I think I'll hold off on that for a while. But thanks, I'll be sure to get it from Bass Central when I do find the need for it. :)

    If there's one thing I've noticed after the past day or so of messing with this pre, it's that it is very easy to get a great slap tone out of it. :)

    One problem that I am having, however, is that I can't figure out how to set the EQ to get a real smooth-sounding fingerstyle tone. I think this is mostly the fault of the bass I'm using with it right now. It's a Korean Spector with passive EMGs and no preamp at the moment (I took it out a while back, but I think I will put it back in this weekend to see if I can get a better sound out of it.) The bass has somewhat of a higher-midrange emphasis, and I think this may be where the problem is coming from. I've been trying to find a way to EQ out the high mids and some treble while still keeping a strong low end, but so far I've been unsuccessful in finding the sound I'm looking for.

    Any suggestions on how to EQ it to get a sound similar to what I'm trying to get? I'll probably stumble upon it eventually, but I was wondering if any of you could offer any insight. :)

    I think I might even get a new bass eventually; I haven't been getting along with my Spector very well. :(

    Another thing I was wondering but forgot to put in my original post... For those of you who use the DB680 with the DB728 power amp (or have used it in the past), how do you control the volume of the rig? Do you set the gain on the DB680 to where it sounds good without distorting, max the volume on the DB728, and control the volume with the master volume control on the DB680? Or a different way?
  4. Lockout


    Dec 24, 2002
    Bump. :meh:

    Does anyone have an answer to any of my questions?

    I know there are plenty of DB 680 users here, don't be shy. :p
  5. The footswitch is indespensible. Go for it sooner rather than later. Also, in a previous post there were a few of us who agreed that a slight boost at around 2.4 k and a little wider boost at about 300 was the ticket.
  6. David Wilson

    David Wilson Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    Yeah, I generally bost the bass to 3:00. Boost a 20% wide band round the 250-300hz range and the same at the 4khz range. Some people prefer the 2.1ishkhz range

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