Just got my Goliath III

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  1. Wow! This thing is sweet!!

    I started with my Jazz Bass and I was able to crank the level on my SansAmp RBI up almost all the way without clipping the power amp (QSC RMX850) which made me almost pass out :D . So I swapped basses and rocked the Warwick through it and wasn't able to use the same levels. I found that I should be using the -20 pad on the 2nd input for active siginals.

    I can't get the same volume with the Warwick in input 2 (padded)as with the Jazz Bass in the 1st input.

    Withe the SansAmp RBI level cranked to about 2 O'clock the speaker cones move quite a bit and the sound is quite percussive. Is this bad for the speakers? They really MOVE !!!:eek:

    The amp isn't clipping and with an 8ohm load puts out 600watts (100 less than the cab is rated for).
  2. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    Well this is hard to describe with words, but hopefully I can help you hear the difference between clean and distorted poweramp signal going into the cab. take your rbi and put the "drive" and "presence" on minimum (about 7 o'clock), Blend at about 2 o'clock (some gtr, some rbi) tone controls at 12 o'clock, guitar at full volume and slowly turn up the "level" while strong plucking the E string and then muting soon after. as the level get louder and louder you'll reach a point where the sound doesn't sound just louder, what I mean is the sound will be louder, but sound different. I call this sound "farting out" of the speaker. if your amp has peak lights they might turn red at this point. it is never a good idea to play an amp with the peak lights blinking ALOT. at this point you should turn down your "level" on the RBI

    Now if you play with the "drive" turned up past 10 o'clock this will probably produce soft to hard distortion, but because this is intentionally induced distortion it is not harmful to the speakers unless the amp is peaking or the amp is puting out more watts than the cab is rated.

    if you want a safe example of what the "farting" might sound like turn your "level" way down and crank the "drive" clockwise and bring up the "level" so you can clearly hear the sound. this is what the "farting" might sound like. now playing with the intentional distortion may be cool but it makes it harder to tell if you are actually hurting the speakers. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR AMP 'CLIP' LIGHTS and turn down if they stay too much on the red.

    oh, congrats on the new cab!
  3. Thanks. Is there a difference between clip lights and peak lights?

    I'm not lighting the clip lights at all. When the speakers get bouncing the sound is much like a kick drum. It's not really distorted or farty, just punchy and percussive. Could it be that it's brand new and the speakers sound stiff?

    Thanks again.
  4. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    I was thinking, but forgot to ask...where is your "bass" knob set on the RBI. remember that the RBI tone controls are 'active' and a little movement on the dial makes a big difference and if you have the bass cranked (5 o'clock) that might be more than necessary for most high volume situations and you may not want to regularly run past 3 o'clock, just my suggestions.

    As long as the sound coming from the speakers is just a louder electric representation of what coming from the string and no peak/clip lights then I guess you should be o.k. can the lights actually go red? I had a stereo amp with clip lights and that was helpful in protecting my speakers.

    if your slappin' the speakers will jump and stop. thats normal, just remember not to crank the bass, that will cause the amp to reach its limit faster before you get full volume in other frequencies.

    Sidenote: are you wearing ear plugs? hope so!
  5. Thanks again Mcrelly. I'll have to spend more time with it. The EQ on my SansAmp is set almost flat w/ Bass @ 12:30 Mid: @ 2:00 :Treble @ 11:00 and active controlls on the Bass set flat.

    I do wear ear plugs on occasion but i didn't have them last night :meh: