just got my kala u-bass rumbler!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by pcake, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Sep 20, 2011
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    i ordered a u-bass rumbler from ams since there were none to be seen locally. the next day, i was told they were on back order, but it's finally here, and i really like it. what an awesome couch bass (or anything, really). the super duper short scale will take some adjustment, but i spent some time with an original u-bass when they first came out, and after an hour was pretty comfortable.

    after spending a couple hours with the rumbler, a few things i noticed:

    i prefer the strings to the stickier regular ubass strings
    it sounds good even unplugged on the couch
    the finish has grit in it, not terrible but several pieces, all on the back
    one tuner is loose - i'll be tightening it slightly
    the tuner isn't as accurate as our snark
    plugged in, it does sound rather like a stand-up
    the scale makes for short frets, but i'm adjusting fairly quickly
    it's very easy on my damaged shoulder, and easy to play in a variety of sitting positions

    btw, i was told that the rumbler has no truss rod, but actually there is one. neck relief was fine, though, even though it had been sitting on a hot truck.
  2. I have a fretless mahogany and its an incredible little instrument! You are going to have a lot of fun, and its fun to pull out at a gig and see the looks on peoples faces! I'm a bit confused by your statement about the strings though. I have Silver Rumblers on mine right now and the stickeness on the E and A strings drive me nuts! I prefer the feel and sound of the paehoehoes, they are not sticky at all, but the E string is a bit floppier than I like.I'm using finger ease to help with the stickiness and the horrible rubber string squeaks that the rumblers tend to make. I'm hoping Aquila comes out with their Thunder Red strings soon for the u-bass. Lots of u-bass players are waiting for a non sticky string that has the fat bottom of the paehoehoes.