Just Got My New Rig!!!!

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  1. Hey everyone i just got my new Ampeg Portabass rig ( Pb250 head and Pb212h cab) and it rocks. Although i haven't tried it on a gig yet this week end will be the test i'm playing 2 private parties, a blues fest, and a biker run all out side. lucky for me there is a good PA at each.
    next on my GAS list is my custom 6 string that's being made and should be done in a few weeks ( i hope) well if anyone has any comments about the portabass stuff lets hear it good or bad

  2. sweet... I'm killing for a 6 string now... my RIG is complete (although not exactly portable!). And then comes my OWN UPRIGHT that I should buy after a 6... Then I'll have everything I want...

    The only thing I wont have that I want is EBS gear, but hey, my rig kicks and its loud and has good tone! :D So giggable
  3. rok51

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    Sep 2, 2002
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    Although I haven't played a PortaBass, I have heard very positive things about them. Gotta love a lightweight, powerful, compact rig! The good PA will cover any weaknesses in the backline. Good luck...we want to hear a report!

  4. well i made it through 5 gigs in 4 days with my new portabass rig. here's my review: the 2x12 cab is awsome sounds great nice low end and very punchy. the head sounded good in side but out side it doesn't cut it. my final decision is to return the pb250 head and use my Svt3pro instead. i am keeping the cab though.
    now just got to wait for my 6string to get done
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    Sep 2, 2002
    Crawfordville, FL
    Thanks for the report!