Just got my Roland AP-2!!!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Grind It Out, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. I've been waiting for one of these for so long!

    I got mine for $199 from tradingmusician.com, they threw in the 2 9v batteries it requires too, how nifty. :)

    The pedal arrived in PRISTINE condition...much better than anything ive seen on ebay...of course i plugged into it immediately

    After realizing i had a loose patch cable causing some severe fuzz/noise, i switched the cable, checked the input and output jacks, and then i was relieved to find that this was the darkest, yet smoothest phaser i've ever tried - kinda like good espresso...beats the pants off of EHX and MXR...The rate and resonance knobs have a WIDE range, and at high settings, it doesnt distort @ all like the MXRs...the thing pumps out some serious funk after only a minute or 2 of tweaking, and nice rich modern ballad tone..minute tweaking can open up lots of new sounds on this pedal..its a pretty sturdy box too, im not afraid to literally stomp on it...definitely not a tone sucker either...my bass sounds totally normal when the pedal is bypassed

    the only downfalls: no LED indicator (but mine is being controlled by a loooper, so that doesnt matter for me...and even at subtle settings u should deffo be able to tell if its on), and no adaptor jack, u gotta use 2 9v batteries or 2 9v battery adaptor cables, so its eating up space on my power supply

    Last i checked, tradingmusician still had another one in stock, so if ur looking for the best phaser ever...u kno where to go