Just made my first Speakon cable...

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  1. And it doesn't seem to have worked.

    I'm trying to connect my GK-1001RB to my Ampeg 610HLF. Quarter inch works, but I want the security of Speakon cables.

    I bought a pair of connectors (NL4FX) as I have lots of speaker cable lying around. It was pretty straight forward, one wire (white) to 1+, the other (black) to 1-, same on both ends.

    When I tried it, I got no sound from my GK and the red light stayed on.

    I went back to 1/4" for practice, and when I got home tested the cable with my multimeter. White screw to white screw, black to black, checks out; fully assembled I get the outside top connector to it's twin on the other side, and the inside left connector to it's (this is with the locking jack facing left).

    What gives? The Ampeg is wired 1+ 1- as stated on the jack. Does something about the GK biamping need to be wired differently (I don't use it)? Do I need a different connector? I'm puzzled.
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    Check your amp manual. In theory Speakons make life easier, you connect +1 to +1 and so forth and all is hunky-dory. In practice not all amp manufacturers wire output Speakons per the standard, which for bi-amping is +1,-1 to the woofer and +2,-2 to the tweeter.
  3. The GK manual seems contradictory.

    The first thing it states is

    But then it states
    Technically I have a "two wire" Speakon connector because I've only wired the 1+ 1- posts, correct? I shouldn't need to short the other outputs? (doing so would likely blow the tweeter amp)

    From the manual:

    Does anyone have an experiance with this specifically? Using a GK-1001RB with a "homemade" 4 pin Speakon cable?
  4. Check between 1+ and 1- to make sure you don't have a short. The potect (red) is indicating a shorted output, 2+,2- should be left open. The problem may be the cab's connector, if your cable is not shorted, plug it into the cab and check again at the "amp" side of the cable. It should only read the speaker's DCR, not zero (direct short).
  5. Thanks, I'll try that tommorow. May have to take the back plate off the cab.
  6. I have heard that a 4 conductor speakon will connect to a 2 conductor jack but not always without problems.
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    The info (warnings) in the GK manual serves to cover their liability, and to protect the amp in the event it's connected to a non conventional cab wiring scheme (non-GK). I've used the GK speakon cable with several non GK cabs with no problem, but I knew these cabs used the conventional speakon scheme.

    It sounds like you have it wired properly, but possibly a faulty plug, or connector, either at the amp or cab end.

    Diagnose it with the process of elimination. Try it with: (A); the GK head and a different cab (B); Same cab, different head (C); Different head and cab.
  8. I'll try to eliminate something, but I think that's the only cab I have with speakons. It's definitely the only amp.
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    Well then, take the cable to your nearest music store and try it with their head and cabs......good luck!
  10. That's just sneaky enough to work, heh. I'll see what I can do.
  11. Only problem with this is that if you indeed have a short in the connectors some amps (many actually) will be less forgiving then just turning on the fault light and quietly disconnecting the power amp.
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    A four pole speakon will not even fit into a two pole jack. The other way round does work but it's better if you standardize on four pole.

  13. Thanks BassmanPaul, never tried it.
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    Got a DVOM ? or DMM ? Try impednce checking the cable.

  15. So in another words you can't screw it up. The connectors on the amp and cab are both 4 pole, or they wouldn't fit? So that means I have the right connector. Good.

    2x4strgkramers, I'm not sure what you mean. I just have an analog meter, but the resistance of the cable is (and should be) near 0.

    The Ampeg was bought brand new and I've literally never used the Speakon's until now, so I don't think the cab is the problem; I will check anyway but it seems like the only source is the GK. I bought it used here on TB and I'm confident that if there were any issues with it the seller would have disclosed them.

    I know the first time that I turned the GK on with 1/4" cable it wouldn't come out of protect mode, but it came around eventually - maybe it just needs some similar coxing, dirty jacks or something.
  16. The cable should not test at zero or read anything at all between 1+ and 1- with the cable disconnected.
    You already know you are good from 1+ to 1+ and 1- to 1-.
  17. Just checked it. Nothing. I'm 100% confident now in the cable, so the problem must lie in the amp or cab. I'll do some more tests and see what happens.