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Just ordered a dam Ezekiel 25.17 clone

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ukedealer, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. I'm starting the new year as I sure as hell intend carrying on with it.
    In the words of Ed Norton in Rounders, I saw a mark and I took it down.
    Spotted a dam Ezekiel clone online and got a very itchy PayPal finger
    Case closed
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  2. I have one myself and it's very good. There's a huge difference in gain levels between each clipping option, so the level control comes in very necessary. It's got a massive range of tones, but it takes a while to access them and tease out the good uns. It's not what I'd call a set and forget pedal. You'll find that a lot of the tones are available in other pedals. So it's very versatile, but it can be hard to dial in those tones and needs specific control settings that massively differ between tones. It's not an easy to dial in pedal, but some of the clipping tones are easier to dial in than others. The two blend controls (dry and dirty) and the treble / tone control is really sweet. If I had the time, I would make a three band EQ for it too...but that's coz I'm just sick like that.
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  3. Thanks for that man, I appreciate your input.
    I've heard it described more than once as the holy grail of bass dirt so I saw this one and nabbed it!
    I'm prepared to spend a lot of time coaxing tones out of it ;)
    Seriously tho man, I'm stoked
    Thanks again!
  4. I just ordered some PCBs for this circuit the other day.

    David Main has made a few of his Ezekiels with a boost in front (basically an MXR Micro Amp, I think). I'm tempted to add that or some other booster, but GMC's EQ idea might be a good way to go, too. EQ & Boost? Sure, but then you need a bigger boat...

    Looking forward to your thoughts on your incoming pedal, ukedealer.

    @GMC , I stumbled across your site the other day — very inspiring builds.
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  5. I shall let Talkbass know my thoughts Feral Feline ;)

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