Just ordered an Aguilar DB659...

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  1. What can I expect? I love the sound of the DB750 so I'm hoping it's pretty close. And yes, I did search but found nothing terribly specific.

    Also, what would be a good power amp to pair it with? For now I'm just going to use my peavey tour 700 head as a slave power amp but as soon as I can afford it i'm going to get a separate amp. I was thinking the qsc plx 1804.
  2. No one?
  3. afroman


    Aug 31, 2000
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    Do a little search on the DB659.
    It is very loved around TalkBass.

    Most people got it to get close to the Db750 but with less weight.
    The QSC is a great power amp. I've thought of getting that exact setup to get close to my DB750s sound but in a lighter weight but I just love the 750 so I'll keep it.

    The 659 is also a great preamp for changing and swapping the preamp tubes. If yours has the stock Sovteks I recommend you get some TungSols for a warm but grindy sound or a JJ/Tesla for a cleaner hi-fi-like tone.

    I changed the tube sin my 750 and it came to life. I couldn't believe that the 750 could sound any better, but it did.

    According to a lot of members here, to get as close to the 750 sound with the 659 you would need one of those amazing heavy power amps from Crest or Crown, but they are reaaally heavy. The QSC PLX will serve you very well IMO and provide you with lots of power and headroom while being lightweight and having great reliability and customer service.

    I think you will love it. Let us know when you get the preamp.
  4. billhilly66


    Aug 25, 2007
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    Where did you find it??? I've been looking for one although they suck and I'm sure you'll hate it. I'd be happy to take it off your hands and save you the trouble. Just pm me and let me know.
  5. pedulla1


    May 14, 2005
    I bought one last week but I am thinking of returning it. It sounds good but I already own a DB680. I was hoping for a sound close to an SVP-Pro but it is not like the Ampeg. The 659 sounds clear and solid and if pushed can get some overdrive.
  6. billhilly66


    Aug 25, 2007
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    Seriously, Where are you guys finding these?
  7. DrkHorseDarling


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    Ive had a 659 for 9 months now. I really like it. I originally had it with a Mackie 1400i and got many complements. Now Ive gotten my hands on a 728. Its a killing machine.
  8. sundaybender


    Oct 7, 2005
    Bill - you have a PM.

    To the OP - I used my DB659 with a PLX2402, and it KILLED. If you can believe it, I played it through a mini-stack of EA VL-210 and VL-208. The rack case for the amp was literally bigger than my cabinet stack!

    But oh man... that tone! And it put out SO MUCH SOUND. Never should have moved on from that killer rig. :(

    Ended up selling the PLX, and picking up a Woods head, and retired the DB just because I didn't have a power amp anymore.
  9. GC online classifieds...there are some pretty good deals to be had here. I paid 465 for the unit which included shipping to my door. So is it alright to use my peavey amp as a slave power amp for a little bit?