Just picked up my first instrument, very excited to join the community!

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    Oct 24, 2021
    I’m a bit late to the party, it won’t be long before I’m 30, but I’ve seen plenty twice my age who have just started and are having a blast. I start professional lessons in a few days and I am quite excited! I look forward to delving into the trove of information this site seems to have. 9FA8D309-8DBE-4420-AADB-C66CBD4FD23D.jpeg
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    Welcome. Took up music at age 65 when I retired from the 9 to 5 life. This gave me the time to spend with my instrument, which just happened to be a five string banjo. This led to Acoustic 6 string guitar, electric lead guitar, there was a fiddle and a clarinet in there - that did not last long - then came the bass. Love the bass and providing the harmony foundation the song needs.

    It is a journey that will give you enjoyment for the rest of your life -- if you take the time to learn some skills. Don't need a lot of skills, angle deep in the music stream will play a lot of bass.

    Again welcome and happy trails. If you want to go deeper, it's out there, have fun.

    P.S. Trust your teacher, do what he/she says. There is a trust that must develop.
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