Just placed an order for a Warwick-Rockbass Alien 6 from Bass Alien :)

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  1. ...what the title says...

    I just placed an order for a Warwick-Rockbass Alien 6 from Bass Alien. :)

    This is the item link:

    I know there's an official Warwick Alien 6, but I really can't afford that. Plus I don't know how frequently I'd actually use an acousic bass guitar.

    Bass Alien has a 15% sale today, using the coupon code 15PCT0FF. The bass is regularly $999, but with the 15% discount it came down to $765.

    When it arrives, I'll post my review.
  2. Congratulations!!!!! Enjoy! Looks great!
  3. ElMon

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    Can't wait to hear about it!
  4. Baird6869

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    Great looking bass!

    Have you played a 6 string acoustic bass? I find them very hard to play, but I hope you love it.:bassist:
  5. I haven't played a 6-string bass yet but I'm sure it won't take too much time to get used to it.
  6. Received some bad news today. The Alien 6 basses, originally planned for a December release, have been delayed until March 2013. Oh well, I guess these things happen. I'm going to keep my order. It'll be hot off the press, at least.
  7. WarwickOfficial


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    TolerancEJ - I enquired as to what the delay was...the number of 6 string Alien's produced sold out immediately. There was more demand than we anticipated, and another order has already been requested. The delay is lead time it takes to make another run. I hope you understand, and thanks for your patience!
  8. Wowie zowie that is a gorgeous bass! I love that Warwick is so quick to reply to posts on here. Very cool!
  9. @WarwickOfficial - Thank you for looking into this for me. It's greatly appreciated.

    @bassist4dalord - Yes, I agree. Replies in this forum are very quick and helpful.
  10. I received my Warwick-Rockbass Alien Deluxe 6 yesterday. Ordered in Nov 23/2012, it was a lengthy wait but it was worth it.


    I ordered through Bass Alien. Mike's customer service has been excellent throughout the wait. I'm especially grateful that he inspects instruments before shipment. The shipment arrived mid-July but unfortunately Mike noticed some parts (screws & screw covers) were missing. I am sure I will be a return customer to Bass Alien.

    The Alien looks great and is a blast to play. It surprisingly has a decent volume acoustically. Plugged in, the Fishman electronics sound great. The built-in tuner is quite handy.

    I had initially considered the Warwick (non-Rockbass) Alien, but a few thoughts led me to the Rockbass. I wasn't sure how often I'd get to play an ABG and I do not like the thumb rest which comes with the Warwick version. If anything, the only other feature I wish had been brought to the Rockbass would be the Warwick metal bridge instead of the bridge pins.
  11. ElMon

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    May 30, 2004
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    Hope these become more readily available. Love to own one for backyard noodling. Congrats!
  12. I easily sat down and noodled with my Alien for 2 hours last night. Of that time, only a half hour was spent plugged in. I want to bring it outside somewhere. :)

    The Alien (both Warwick and Rockbass) orders had begun to arrive in July. You should begin seeing these pop up in stores soon. Aside from the delays and a few parts missing (already remedied by my retailer before shipment to me), I understand the fretless models had further problems and would take another 45 days before they would arrive.
  13. jleguy


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    I just got my 6er Alien fretless this week from Mike at Bass Alien (I know, I know, no pic no bass, picture coming). But it is a b-stock (blemish of glue just under where the neck meets the body, barely visible). Very playable. Rehearsed it last night with my acoustic Hot Tuna trio and it played like a dream. Not sure though I like the stock Warwick strings, so it will be a small adventure trying to figure what will work. Have a Rob Allen MB2 5-er, I love the Labelle nylon tapewounds...am hoping that might be a solution.
  14. @jleguy - Sounds great. Glad everything is working out of you. I'm still enjoying my Rockbass Alien Deluxe 6.

    Nothing wrong with B-stock items. I have B-stock Ken Smith KSD Burner Deluxe 6. There's a bit of cosmetic chipping but otherwise it sounds and plays very well. I also bought a B-stock Kala SUB Solidbody bass, which is also enjoyable. I cannot identify the 'defect' which made it a B-stock item.
  15. jleguy


    Jun 6, 2006
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    It would have been another 3 or more months wait so I took the b-stock....no regrets and $100 back! And you have to look real hard to see it. The blemish that is.
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    I've got one on order and I can't wait...!!!
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