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Just put on some Rotosound 88's

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by steamboat, Jun 25, 2001.

  1. I put them on my fretless Stingray 5. Hot damn these are big strings: .135 B, .115 E, .100 A, .75 D, .65 G. These are probably the biggest strings I've ever seen.

    The set I had on previously was a fairly light set of GHS flats. They were alright.. the only real problem I had with them was that the G sounded weak compared to the rest of the strings and everything was a wee bit thin on the whole.

    These Rotosound Tapewounds are pretty much everything I wanted out of a string for this bass. They sound HUGE, have a really nice character to them, and my weak G string problem is definitely fixed. I'm really impressed with them. This bass was pretty loud before but now it has a ton of output. My B and E were good before, but now they're great.They also feel very nice.

    My bass has a switch which toggles the pickup between series, single coil (with a hum cancelling dummy coil), and parallel. With the other strings this switch didn't seem to do much. With the Rotosounds the 3 modes are much more distinct.. which is definitely a plus.

    Oh yea.. and my bass looks awesome with black strings.

    I can't wait to try these out with the band.
  2. Please keep us posted!
    Do they cut through more than flats?
  3. I think they just might.. they definitely have a lot of midrange. I'll be practicing with my band on Wednsday night.

    One thing I realized is that since the strings are coated you never actually make contact with the metal. Because of this you never ground out the bass and a little bit of high end noise is produced (I think I remember reading that this is not a problem with active pickups).

    To get around it I took long piece of insulated wire, stripped off a bit of insulation at one end, and tied tied end to one of the string ball ends (I first tried it on a bridge saddle but it fell off.. it seems like it will stay better on the ball end). I then stripped off a big portion of the other end and made sort of a bracelet with it for my fretting hand. By sheer luck I was able to make it so that it's adjustable (I don't know diddly about knots.. I just messed around with it).

    It's not the most elegant solution but it works. I don't seem to be picking up any interference with the wire and it's long enough that I don't even notice it. The hassle has definitely been worth the tone of these strings though. I'm having the most fun on my fretless I've had since I first got it.

    (edit: Maybe I should make another one of these wire bracelet thingies for my Peavey.. I try to stay in contact with the strings all the time but sometimes I don't and I produce hideous noises.)
  4. Now that I've used em with the band I can definitely say they sound nice sitting amongst other instruments.
  5. How much did you pay?
  6. $43.49 at <a href="http://www.juststrings.com/rts-rs885ld.html">Juststrings</a>. Not too bad considering I paid about that much for a regular old 5string set of GHS flats at a music store. I also doubt I'll need to replace these anytime soon.
  7. Didn't you have to adjust the nut for the .115 E?
  8. Yea.. the B string was actually the only one that fit without any modification. I just used a little bit of sandpaper on the other slots.. didn't take much to make them fit.
  9. It seems to me that the B string on that set is the only one within 'standard' ranges. But it's scary too, considering Bruce Lindfield likes a .118 B

  10. Can you get these black nylons in roundwound, or even half round/half flat? I'm not sure I want flats on my fretted yet, but black strings just sound awesome for my bass...

    And how durable does the nylon feel? Any fears that it'll rub off under your hands?
  11. Pretty sure they're flat only. There's a very small patch on my B string that is a bit worn from when I ran it through the bridge.. but that seems to be the only wear so far.
  12. lister423


    Jul 4, 2001
    Durability: tapewounds usually last for years. At least the LaBellas and Rotos do.

    Construction: underneath the wrap may be different for different brands, but the outer wrap is traditionally flatwound. Fender makes a traditional tapewound but also makes a nylon filament wound, where the outer wrap is black round nylon filament which is ground down.

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