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  1. I´m not a moderator for this forum and I´m in no position to say this but I´m gonna post it anyway.

    quit with posting the same threads over and over... there are at least 6 band names topics and there are 2 topics that have subject "first gig".. and mucician jokes and jokes(hmm, big difference). [​IMG]

    I don´t wanna make a big deal and I really don´t care about this so much but I´m just getting tired of reading new threads about the same stuff every week...

    There you have it! ignore it if you will.

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  2. Biski2Dope


    Mar 26, 2000
    I agree, but...redundancy is kinda evil..

    Also, just out of curiosity, how does a band name problem fall under "Bass Humor and Gig Stores?". I never got that one...but alright.

    Also, as for humor...it's been said before, but hell, i see funnier stuff in Off Topic...


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