Just starting up, any advice/info about the scene in Northern Va?

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  1. My guitarist friend and I have FINALLY started seriously working about getting a band started up :bassist:. Been seekin out drummers and singers, working on some songs. I was just curious if anyone can give me lil info about the band/gigging scene in the Northern Virginia/dc area. We're planning on doing mostly originals with a few covers. Basically any VA/DC specific advice?
  2. there is a HUGE difference between the NOVA scene and the DC scene. Seeing as the NOVA scene is so fragmented, it might help to know what kind of music you're playing.
  3. The good people in DC need constant re-assurance that they are very special. If your music isn't very trendy, you might as well be juggling kittens. Be careful what you cover in DC - if someone recognizes the song, it's probably not elitist enough.

    There are countless places in NOVA that will give a new band some time on stage. But as mentioned, it is fragmented, and since it can take 5 hours to travel from one end of NOVA all the way to the other end (40 miles - OMFG I HATE TRAFFIC), you might want to tell us where in NOVA we're talking.
  4. I play in Central Virginia (Charlottesville to Richmond). Around here, originals bands aren't in very high demand.

    But I agree with the others, if you want specific advice you need to ask a specific question. Like what kind of band is it, what type of music is it, and what you 'want' out of it?
  5. Im don't really have anything to compare it too music wise. I suppose it could be considered heavy rock, funk, and indie combined. And we're in the Annandale, Vienna, Fairfax area.
  6. Sent you a PM.

    While there is a market for original bands in NOVA, do not expect to make a dime. Cover bands can make good money, but original bands will not. Even when my originals band pulls in $500-$1500 for the door + merch sales, we end up losing about $1000-$2000 per month in promotional expenses and other costs. And $500+ for a show is a really good night, many times it is less.

    Originals band - do it for the love and glory. If you need a buck, learn to flip burgers.
  7. Well if we find a way to balance it then maybe a cover band as well as the band we've got semi together now.. if only we could find a stable singer and drummer lol.
    I listened to some of your bands songs, I like it alot, do you have any idea when you'll do some more shows?
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    I've been playing in the area for about 9 years now. Compared to other places I've played, I've learned one thing about this area - it's a commodity music market. This isn't the place for up and coming Rock bands, maybe Gospel, R&B or Go-Go, but not Rock. Not to say there isn't some great talent in this area, because there is. Unfortunately, many move to another place to get discovered and make it.

    Covers rule around NoVa. My theory is because this area is so transitory, there isn't enough of a core of local fans that stick around to support local original music. So, people go for the common denominator. But as far as covers go, if you have the right material there's lots of work. More work for casuals than I have seen in other cities as well.

    But in the cover scene for the better clubs, you need to get affiliated with one of the 3 agencies to get in. If you're in, you'll do well with work. If not, it will be a challenge to get into the better bars.

    If you need more info, feel free to PM me.

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