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Just wanted to call out some regulars here at the setup board...

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by dryheatbob, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. ... and publically thank them for their help and input with refinishing my Hamer Cruise bass. :)

    In no patricular order, Hambone, pkr2, Treena and Warwickbass- thanks!

    I don't know if Bill Lester of Reranch or any of the guys on the reranch refinishing board post here, but additional thanks to Bill, Bluenote, butnut and little bit for there help on refinishing. If anyone here is tempted to refin there bass, I'd recomend checking out www.reranch.com and the refinishing board. Alot of great info there and helpful people.

    I posted pix over on the bass board a couple of days ago, but the thread has already dropped off the first page. Oh well. Guess Butterscotch blonde isn't a WOW color for most folks. ;)


    Sorry for the 'gotcha' title, but I figured a titilating thread title would draw more people to read a pat on the back for a bunch of people that really deserve it. Not only for the help they have given me, but the help they give everyone on the board
  2. Well Bob, we certainly like hearing success stories around here and yours even comes with a compliment to boot!

    Life is good.

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