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    No, not the new one. The original. Well, sort of the original. I realize it's got the dumb added scenes and re-done special effects, and it is referred to as "Episode IV: A New Hope," but it's mostly the movie I saw back in the seventies.

    I gotta say, I'm not the sci-fi buff that some of you are. I enjoyed Star Trek, and Firefly and Farscape, and some other stuff, but there is probably more I don't enjoy than I do. In my opinion, the original Star Wars is one of the greatest films ever made. It is that rare film that has everything. What a great story; breakout special effects and cinematography; iconic roles played by iconic actors; and all supported by what Joseph Campbell refers to as "the Hero's Journey."

    I watched the original back in its first run; saw the "new and improved" version (the one I just watched,) at the theater in the nineties, and those were the only two times I ever watched it.

    I just watched it on my flat screen tv, supported by very nice audio, and I have to say, I am just thrilled at the experience. Now, I loved the Empire Strikes back, and was a little disappointed by Return of the Jedi, but I didn't hate it. Episodes I-III just didn't do it for me at all. Pretty much HATED them.

    Will I go see the new one? Yes I will, just for the original cast's involvement alone.

    Nothing anyone ever makes will have the impact of this original film, though. Up until then, space movies looked awful, other than 2001, and that wasn't exactly an action/thriller.
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    My Star Wars story

    I lived in Orange County, south of LA. The LA Times and TV news kept running stories about the massive crowds turning out in Hollywood for the new movie called Star Wars. I didn't pay much attention. The movie hadn't expanded to the suburbs yet and I refused to believe it could possibly be that good.

    Then I read how George Lucas was forcing theaters who wanted to show his movie to upgrade their projection & sound systems to higher standards that would enhance the audience experience. Specifically, he wanted theaters to install 70mm projectors and Dolby Six-Track Stereo magnetic audio sound reproduction. These things together were a quantum lead in movie presentation.

    In Orange County, the Plitt City Cinema did the upgrades and started running the movie. They were close by so one sunday I went there to watch the movie myself.

    The box office was selling tickets for all the day's shows and there were lines for each showtime. Theater employees with bullhorns herded the crowds into the correct line and sold popcorn and soft drinks from rolling carts. Meanwhile scalpers were selling tickets to the more coveted evening shows at marked up prices.

    I waited 6 hours to get in. The excitement was palpable. When the Fox extended fanfare with LucasFilm extension rolled it looked and sounded better than I'd ever seen, due to the 70mm projection and Dolby 6-track sound. The opening text scroll finished and that massive star destroyer entered from behind the viewer moving toward the horizon. Everyone sat there slack-jawed at this sequence, like nothing any of us had seen before.

    This was the most special and memorable moviegoing event of my life. It was a very big deal.

    Star Wars later showed at the 1200 seat Edwards Big Newport, with a 40 x 80 curved screen, where it ran continuously for over a year. Nowadays a movie that hold on in a 60-seat theater for more than 3 weeks is considered to have good legs.
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  3. I was 12. Dad took my little brother and I to see it in one of the large theatres in Times square. We waited and waited and got our tickets and went in and it started and I was flabbergasted. I'll never forget it. The music blew my young mind, which had only heard church mucus and Simon and Garfunkel. The horns, oh, the horns! What a great soundtrack. I went and bought the LP and literally wore it out (still have it). Truly and still, the best movie I've ever seen. Maybe because I was young and it had such an impact. Maybe because dad made a special effort to bring us, I don't know. Maybe because I had a thing for Carrie Fisher. Don't care. Just love it. The original and still the best. IMO.
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    I was out of the country when the first Star Wars was released. I was here for the debut of the second one and it was almost a year later before i saw the first one.
    I am a huge fan of SiFi but mostly books, the FX i imagined were almost always better that what was brought to film at the time so books where my preferred method of consumption.

    Maybe it was because i saw them out of sequence, or maybe it was because there was no book for me to read before watching the film, or maybe it was because the whole "handsome prince saves world" story, whether set as period piece, horse opera, or space opera, was sill "handsome prince saves world" and i'd pretty much had my fill of the idea by then, but the first couple SW films were pretty much just another film to me.
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    Star Wars isn't science fiction, It's action/adventure in space. Or space opera fantasy.

    That is why it was such a truly great movie. It has all the elements of the best stories told throughout history but it is set in outer space. Every space movie that came before was deeply flawed in some way that prevented it from being immensely popular with a mass audience. Usually bad acting or bad story or bad production, but always horrible special effects that prevent you from taking the movie seriously.*

    Star Wars got everything right. Handsome young hero, beautiful young princess. Wise old mentor, allied scoundrel and his exotic sidekick. A pair of odd incidental characters providing comic relief. And legions of bad guys led by the most bad ass villain imaginable.

    Add some awesome sound and video effects and stir in this thing called "the force" and how can you not like this movie?

    As much as I'm a big fan of the first Star Wars, I consider every subsequent film to be an inferior attempt to copy the glory of the original. I believe it could only be done once.

    *2001 A Space Odyssey is also a truly great movie with extraordinary special effects but it's genuine science fiction and the extreme abstract style keeps it from being popular with a mass audiebce, regardless of what the SF fans think.
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    The original Star Wars was always episode IV. It was inspired by the old Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon serials, and Lucas wanted to create the sensation that you were getting this week's installment of an ongoing story. It was an unfortunate decision to go back and actually film episodes I-III.
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