Justin Chancellor Effect Setup

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  1. does anyone still have a copy of the bass player w/ Justin Chancellor from Tool in it. I was trying to find it for the diagram of the order of his effects... can anyone help me out in the order?
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    Have you checked http://www.guitargeek.com yet? It shows how guitarists and bassists from different bands set up. I don't know if it has Chancellor's rig up or not, but it's worth a look.
  3. thanks that will help me A LOT whether it has justin or not
  4. ok, here we go.

    Wal 4 string >
    Proco Rat>
    Digitech Bass Whammy>
    Boss EQ>
    Boss Chorus>
    Boss Flanger>
    Boss Delay>
    SansAmp bass Driver DI>
    Mesa/Boogie M-2000 (2)>
    Mesa/Boogie 8x10 (2)>
    Your head.
  5. I was just reading the blurb above the diagram and it gives a bit more detail. He uses a Proco Turbo Rat, a SansAmp GT2, and some monster cables. yeep.
  6. thanx:)
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    Jan 20, 2001
    i saw tool in concert.(insane ****) but justin's pedal board was about 3 feet long when i saw them carry it out and put it on stage. insane bassist indeed
  8. Only thing I would add is that besides using Ernie Ball strings he split 3 signals into the mixboard for the recording of Lateralus.

    (1) XLR clean signal from a Demeter VTBP-201-L

    (2) Overdrive from his Mesa Boogie rig with a mic

    (3) Clean tone from a Bass 400+ and 8x10 with a mic

    Last time I saw Tool Justin did a cool Jimi Hendrix inspired intro to Flood with lots of fuzz and feedback it was really cool.
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    not quite, take a look at this.
    notice the Boss GEB-7 boosting the lows of the Turbo Rat, very important.
  10. holy 12 year old thread!

    That dunlop vid is awesome though.
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    super necro bump
  12. Its also boosting the highs. Volume is almost on zero

    The Rat is a very small part of his overall sound.
  13. Some serious necromancy over here
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    couldn't care less about his rig, I was just pointing out that Rats need a low end boost.
  15. Yep...everyone i have owned needed it....badly
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    I shouldn't have said "I could care less", because I love Tool and really like Justin Chancellor and his tone, that didn't come off the way I meant. :D
  17. I was talking about the Lateralus era which I pretty much wrote exactly right out of the May 2001 issue of Bass Player Magazine. But cool video nonetheless.
  18. there was lots of gear mistakes in that article. They guy who wrote it was either blind or deaf or high
  19. This is VERY close. The only thing i would question in this pic is the order of the last 3,4 pedals in the "red" chain
    There should also be something shown going from the tuner to the splitter. If he loses total power to his board and he has a battery in his tuner, he will still have a signal going to FOH.
  20. In the dunlop video his tech says the rx overdriver only goes to the dirty channel. So wouldn't that be part of the blue signal path not the red one?