SOLD JZ Microphones BT201-3 Matched Small Diaphram Condenser Mic Set w/ JZI-7 shockmounts

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    Jul 5, 2010
    Hello! For sale is a clean set of JZ Microphones BT201-3 Stereo Small Diaphram Condenser Mics with the JZI-7 shockmounts. Includes original cartons, wood & foam storage box and owner's manual.

    These mics have lived in secure, non-smoking, recording environment. The condition of them is terrific and everything functions as it should. I have a few sets so I am offering these extras for sale to someone who might use them regularly. The BT201s are neat for a multi-capsule mic as they use a very strong magnet system to secure the capsules. Meaning you can switch on the fly without having to unscrew anything or mess up your stand alignment. This particular set has the Cardioid, Open Cardioid and -20db Open Cardioid capsules; which are serialized to each mic to ensure you have the right ones in place. This is perfect set for any SDC mic applications - acoustic guitars, piano, overhead drum mic'ing, etc. They have a nice weight to them and the finish is classy as it should be for small production handmade mic.

    Shipping free to CONUS with verified Paypal address, or local pick up is great too. Thanks!

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