Kala-Rumbler-Acoustic-Electric-Portable Uke bass

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  1. Our jamming circles are acoustic so I need an acoustic bass if I am to sit in. I've tried the acoustic bass (that is like a guitar) and there just is not the volume I need. Alas, the standup is just out of my "hobby" budget.

    Just ran up on the Kala acoustic/electric uke bass. Anyone have one? If so for street jamming what do you think?

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    I have a mahogany hollow body (similar in shape to the one in the video you posted) fretless Kala U-bass that I use with our ukulele ensemble. It's a lot of fun to play through my AI Contra or my battery-powered Roland 4x4.

    It is, however, virtually inaudible acoustically with its 20 inch scale length and floppy plastic strings. I couldn't even hear myself practicing if a TV was on unless I use an amp; an acoustic bass guitar is a cannon by comparison. If the acoustic bass guitar does not give you the volume you need, you need an upright to compete without using amplification.

    I believe there is a U-bass mega-thread in the BG basses forum.
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  3. Thanks, I suspected as much.
  4. There are seven mega-threads. The quoted post is spot on.
  5. After giving this a lot of thought, I have decided, at 80, the standup is just too much to lug around, so I'll continue to jam acoustic with my rhythm guitar.

    I have been saving money to be used for the stand up and now have enough for a nice five string electric. After the holidays I'm going to spend an afternoon at the local music stores, we have four within 35 miles, and come home with a new five string.

    Glad to have finely put the stand up to bed. Next goal is to learn how to utilize the B string. Would appreciate hearing what "How To" books or videos I should check out. However, I do not view the learning curve to be that steep. Root on the E string and every other note's V is on the next string down, same fret. If I'm missing something else, please give me a head's up.

    Thanks for the help.

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