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Kaos mod

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by jarmath, May 24, 2005.

  1. jarmath


    May 23, 2005
    I'm new here on talkbass. I have a Schecter Elite 5. Lately I've been looking at Korg Kaos Pad and was wondering about how difficult it would be to install the kaos pad in the actual body and loop the electronics through it so it would become just another part of the bass. This would have practical applications because with kaos you can literally manipulate real time the feed through a variety of factors just by touching different axis on the pad. It would really be cool for tapping solos \_/. Any thoughts or ideas about where, how, or who i could get this done with?
  2. You would be removing a large chunk of the structure of that instrument to put that pad in. There isn't a single space large enough to hold it before getting into some critical components and this is before you started adding whatever wiring and hardware was needed to hook it up inside the instrument.

    My advice would be to have a bass made with the pad as part of the design. You would benefit in several ways - first, it's positioning within the body could be completely researched for the most comfort and best access while playing. Putting the pad into an existing bass leaves you with whatever space is available and then the experiment is skewed by a less than optimum placement. Second, the balance of the instrument can be preserved. Third, options of rear or front access and installation can be explored. Fourth, selection of the other parts of the bass can be made based on how the pad works in the design. This bass doesn't need to be uberexpensive - in fact it could be just a body with an aftermarket neck but the important thing is getting the pad integrated seamlessly into the design and not tacked on the front like Skippy's hearing aid.

    Besides, don't carve up the bass for a dubious experiment. Try it on something else first
  3. bannedwit


    May 9, 2005
    Buffalo, NY
    I used to DJ and have owned a KAos Pad before...

    They are pretty expensive but work really cool...

    I would say, mutilate more of the Kaos pad than your bass. Get the buttons and whatnot put into the bass near the volume and tone knobs... This means you will have all the Kaos Pad buttons and dials in the same area as your bass knobs... Or you can do it above (a la Fender Jazzmaster guitars) so it it above the strings...
    You would then want to carve out and mount the TOUCH PAD of the Kaos Pad somewhere else where you have room. A lot of wood will be removed so make sure it is structurally sound.

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