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  1. JMJ, curious as to whether or not you've heard of our Perth friends Karnivool in your part of the globe.

    They are no doubt taking over the world as prog heavyweights. They released their new record "Asymmetry" today (with none other than Nick DiDia at the helm - humbling to have such talent residing in our wonderful country now!). Jon Stockman's finger style bass tone is to die for, and cuts through a very loud, technical 5 piece supremely.

    Warwick 6 stringers (Thumb and Corvette) --> Ashdown BTA400 (formerly ABM500s until the tube amps came out) and myriad of pedals which I'm sure you'd be familiar with.


    Shep on bass interview:


    Here is their latest clip.

    Awesome Tech 21 XXL distortion tone:

    Some studio shots from 301 in Byron Bay

    This is certainly not intended as spam - I thought you might like to see and hear the guys at the forefront of sound experimentation here down under.
  2. christoph h.

    christoph h.

    Mar 26, 2001
    Sound Awake is a great album, looking forward to the new one.

    "We Are" (the latest clip) somehow fascinates me with how it "morphs" around a drone tone most of the time...