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For Sale Kasuga Ric copy, MIJ 4 string maple/natural

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by richard.hawes, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Price:
    I got this bass in pretty beat condition and had it repaired. It looks great and plays very well, but I'm really not doing much on bass and I want other things. I'm going to give a quick rundown here, but if you want detail, a scan of the invoice for the repairs, etc, please ask.

    The pick guard is an All Parts and the truss rod cover was fabricated by the guy that did the repair work. They fit and look good.

    The finish has been removed from the fretboard. It was nasty. I was going to treat it with something, but haven't gotten around to it because I'm always playing guitar.

    The tuners are not original and had been turned around. They are now oriented properly and the holes in the headstock filled.

    The binding was coming off the neck. It has been repaired, and quite well...the only imperfection is that the binding on the bass side of the neck wasn't quite long enough and it was filled/completed with a smaller piece. You can only see it if you look closely.

    Everything currently works and plays as it should, and if not for other pressing wants I would just keep it for the cool factor. Asking $700 plus the ride. Plain gig bag included unless you want to arrange for something more for extra protection in shipping (I can also look around my local Craigslist if you want). Open to offers as well. Rick Bass 006. Rick Bass 001.
    Rick Bass 012.
    Rick Bass 014.
    Rick Bass 015.
    Rick Bass 017.
    Rick Bass 021.
    Rick Bass 022.
  2. The bump of hope.
  3. free bump because I thought I was the only person who owned a Kasuga brand bass
  4. Spfairchild


    Oct 23, 2005
    Endorsing Artist: MTD Basses, Genzler Amplification, GHS Strings, Tsunami Cables, Sonic Nuance Electronics Contributing Reviewer: Bass Gear Magazine
    Whoa! My first bass was a Kasuga EB-0 copy!
  5. Bump again.
  6. $700 shipped, including a new Fender gig bag.
  7. Another bump. Always willing to entertain offers.
  8. Are these undesirable for some reason or am I just asking too much? Or is it some things about the condition?
  9. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    I had a neck thru version (more desirable) that I bought and sold for less than what you are asking (and mine was in better condition). That should help answer your question. :)
  10. It does. Thank you.

    Ask lowered to $500 plus shipping. Tell me if I'm getting warm...
  11. Pm'ed
  12. jackn1202


    Feb 14, 2018
    Austin, TX
    Still available?

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