Katherine Kurtz Deryni fans?!! I lucked out!

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    Boy, did I score. I ordered a used copy of CAMBER OF CULDI, published by Ballantine, copyright 1976, "Vol IV in the Chronicles of the Deryni" from Amazon. It arrived yesterday. It is a first edition in just mint condition AND it is signed by the author! She dedicated it to the purchaser at the time I guess, some guy named Ian, follows that with a phrase in Latin, signs her name and then has some paraph symbol under her name! I guess the vendor never saw it, just buying some used books for his store account on Amazon. It is in a couple pages from the cover on the title page. Here is what she wrote:

    "To Ian, Pax sancti Camberi sit semper tecum! (signature) Katherine Kurtz" and under it is EMR with a cross jutting up from the M and a circled S under the M,maybe the bottom of the cross. BTW, the "R" is formed on the right leg of the "M". I'll have my son take a picture and post it.

    The guy wrote his name on the book in the upper left corner of the map on the inside of the front cover. His name was "Ian M. Slater". I wonder what is up with him after all these years.

    Talk about luck!!!:hyper:
  2. I can't say I know who that is, but that's pretty friggin awesome regardless!

    Congrats on the righteous score dude!
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    saved by the bell Slater?
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    That's pretty cool. I'm told the autograph is worth more if it's not personalized, but I've always loved to have authors actually personalize them, when I get books signed!