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Kawai 5 String: Anyone ??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by HollywoodH, Oct 14, 2000.

  1. HollywoodH


    Oct 7, 2000
    Everytime someone ask about which 5 string to buy or what is the best " inexpensive " bass, I have to smile to myself and look @ what I've stumbled upon. I have two Kawai 5's that are my pride and joy. Both I bought from online auctions. The 1st was advertised( and appeared to be) new/unsold. The second was used yet in mint condition. Anyway, these are the best " inexpensive " basses that I've ever encountered. Inexpensive in that I have less than 600.00 into BOTH instruments. I have no idea what they retail for, where you can buy one or even what their reputation is. All I can say is that for me they rule. I have never had such control over how I sound. Brightness and/or low end. I enjoyed first one so much that I swore, " If I ever see another one I'll buy it." Which I did without hesitation. It seems to be my luck that everytime I find something really desirable, they stop making them. My question, finally is, does any one out there have any experience of these basses, know what they originally sold for or where they can be bought new. I'm asked often about selling mine, no way. Just wondered if any one else has run across the Kawai 5 ?
  2. Hollywood,

    That's cool that you've got a 5! I've seen many, many of these basses and never a 5. I've got an F2B 4 and it's my dream bass. I call it my "poor man's Alembic" and for about 30 seconds, even experienced musicians think it is when I pull it out of it's case ;) I also know where you're coming from in terms of price. Mine was slightly more expensive (off of ebay) but that was partly my determination to have it!

    Is yours the F2B style or another? What shape is the headstock?
  3. HollywoodH


    Oct 7, 2000
    Hambone, your F2B is the envy of many bass players, including me. I played one once and have wanted one every since. Although lately I stick to 5 strings only, I probably bid against you in your ebay auction. I've seen a few there and bid every time. Actually, my bass is a rb-865. Not nearly as distintive as your F2B, yet very much to my liking. In fact, I just found out today. These bases can be seen @ KawaiUS.com. Still no prices or availability info but at least there's something. They're buried under the "tech talk " section. I decided to take a chance on my first purchase because I assumed ( perhaps correctly ) that since Kawai makes quality pianos ( aka very expensive ) a bass wearing that badge should be OK, right. If my logic was right or wrong, I don't know. I do know that I haven't stopped smiling since I got it. By the way, thanks for the reply. Your comments have made me start searching ebay and the like for a F2B. THANKS, my wife also thanks you. Seriously, Take Care, Hollywood
  4. No problem, Hollywood. In fact I'll alert you to any that I find. I'm known in these parts as "I haven't seen him, he's probably on ebay" ;) There are probably about 1 a month that appear there and I've never seen one other than mine that went for over $400. You score one like that and you'll have 3 for under a grand!! Very cool collection.
  5. I submit this specimen for your approval -

    Be forewarned however that the picture shown is NOT of the bass being offered. This is the picture from the KawaiUS website. I have contacted the seller and asked that he make a disclaimer about the picture.
  6. For those interested

    I have contacted the seller and requested that he put some sort of disclaimer to the picture to inform bidders that the one in the illustration is NOT the actual bass. His response to me is that it's done all the time and he doesn't see the need for it. Man, that tears me a new one.
    At any rate, I sure wouldn't buy it if I couldnt' see an accurate representation of what I was buying.
  7. Bluebard


    Oct 21, 2014
    Hey HollywoodH, is this the model you're talking about?
    Exc. used Kawai 5-string electric bass guitar
    If so, I might grab it!

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