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For Sale/Trade Kawai KRB-105 Graphite MIJ - EMG Geezer Pickups

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by darkcaptain29, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. darkcaptain29

    darkcaptain29 Supporting Member

    Apr 10, 2008
    San Diego CA
    United States
    Hi TB,

    I have a super cool and rare Kawai KRB-105 Graphite bass for sale. I thought I wouldn't give this one up, but another bass came up that is getting more playing time, and with my limited space, things need to move if not being used.

    Good condition for being 30 years old, and without issue. Just tiny dings and marks, no gouges or anything large.

    - Schaller Hardware
    - EMG Geezer Pickups (comes with originals and preamp, original barrel jack is still in place of you would like to use that as well).
    - Brass Nut
    - Full Graphite Neck (you can see the cRbon fiber weave)
    - 34" Scale 24 Fret neck
    - 1 5/8 Nut Width
    - 8lbs 5oz
    - Made in Japan

    Will ship in a Generic Hard Case

    Please PM all questions and offers.

    - $600 includes shipping

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: May 7, 2021 at 11:00 AM
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  2. Rapisme

    Rapisme Supporting Member

    Dec 5, 2007
    My Captain why do you do this to me!! :D
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  3. TimBosby

    TimBosby Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 19, 2004
    Omaha, NE, USA
    Very cool!
  4. manny rose

    manny rose

    Jan 26, 2018
    san diego
    you always come up with these unique basses,GLWTS
  5. Landsharks


    Jul 24, 2009
    Oxford, MS
    Man, I'm kicking myself! I almost got one of these from a pawn shop in Indianola, MS (birthplace of BB King) around 8-9 years ago. They were asking $165, I knew I should've bought it then. When I came back through a few weeks later it had sold. GLWTS!
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  6. darkhalf

    darkhalf Supporting Member

    Feb 16, 2017
    nice bass! GLWTS
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  7. bassman10096

    bassman10096 Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2004
    Nice price. I’ve played almost all the graphite necks - Status, Modulus, Zon, GGould, etc. I never knew Kawaii made one. At this price, with Kawaii’s pedigree I’d grab it in a minute if I hadn’t recently picked up a GGould I’ve been looking. GLWYS. Somebody can pick up a real gem!
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  8. rojo412

    rojo412 Sit down, Danny... Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2000
    Cleveland, OH.
    These are so tasty!
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  9. May the forth be with you bump.
  10. darkhalf

    darkhalf Supporting Member

    Feb 16, 2017
    great price for a graphite neck bass!!
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