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For Sale KC Strings bass for sale , 3/4 size

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by jameshpeterson, Dec 23, 2014.

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    This is a great bass. It is 2003-2005 Full CarvedKansas City Strings (KC Strings) Upright / Double Bass. It is a 3/4 size, which is standard size for a double / upright bass.
    Any adult or any high school bassist would play a ¾ size bass. I played it throughout high school at the American Youth Philharmonic, the Brevard Music Festival, and the American University Symphony Orchestra. I have been a serious classical bassist and I auditioned successfully for these orchestras and others with this bass. I won various musical awards, sat 1st chair of the All-VA orchestra with this bass, and performed in under the direction of Keith Lockhart with this bass. This instrument can take you places. I also have played it for jazz and bluegrass in addition to classical and it suits both of those genres well. This bass has held up well over the years. It was maintained by master luthier Aaron Reiley from the Guarnari House in Michigan until 2009. The only repair done to it since then was last winter when Washington DC Area master luthier Tom Wolf removed the top and performed a major restoration of the interior of the bass. Tom Wolf also recently tailored the bridge to make the action lower and easier to play for orchestral or any genre of music

    I have the bass with me in Baltimore , Maryland . I can also have it in Northern Virginia ( Vienna) if that is closer to you.

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