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    Below are images of two pedals I never use. Please do not hesitate to ask questions via PM. If you need to blow up the images, click on the image and a new screen should appear. Right click, select open in new tab. A new tab should appear and you can click on the image and blow it up to see the few dust specs I missed before taking the shots.

    First is the Keeley Bassist compressor purchased used and doesn't include a box or power supply. You can see where the previous owner had put velcro. Works perfectly. I would like $150 shipped in the continental USA.

    DSC_2564.JPG DSC_2565.JPG DSC_2566.JPG DSC_2567.JPG DSC_2568.JPG DSC_2569.JPG

    Second is a MXR Vintage Bass Octave pedal, which comes with everything shown (everything that came in the box). Purchased new and has never left the house. Great pedal that reminds me of my old OC-2. I would like SOLD 28 FEBRUARY $120 shipped in the continental USA.

    DSC_2600.JPG DSC_2571.JPG DSC_2572.JPG DSC_2573.JPG DSC_2574.JPG DSC_2575.JPG DSC_2577.JPG
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