Keep Dave Mustaine in Your Prayers

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    Bummer: Celebrating 35 Years Of Megadeth all year long.

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  2. That is unfortunate. I hope he recovers.
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    One evening, we were going to see Megadeth at a small Detroit bar. It was just before Peace Sells was to be released and our group was all geeked to see Megadeth hammer out the Killing Is My Business album. The show was cancelled while we were in the door because of some technicality. Totally bummed.
    Megadeth was to play in Cleveland at Peabody’s the next night. Yeah, we went there.

    We got in as Rattlehead started. They ran the rack on KIMB album and played 3-4 songs from the upcoming Peace Sells including Wake Up Dead, and The Conjuring. Yeah it was killer.

    After the show let out, we returned to our car, saw the same Winnebago’s the band was using in Detroit. We banged on the door, Mustaine opened the door and we told him we drove from Detroit. He and Dave Ellefson stepped out and talked with us, smoked (stuff) and conversed for almost an hour. I HAVE an autographed pic Mustaine handed out. We went home very, very happy.
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    At another Megadeth show at Joe Louis Arena, they shared the bill with Slayer. After their performance, Mustaine hung out onstage tossing guitar picks to fans and was then shuffling some cardboard boxes with roadies. I’m asking myself, “why would he do this?”

    He and a helper/roadie then hop down off the stage and walk with these boxes over to where there’s a seating area for partially disabled, wheelchair bound attendees and proceeds to autograph and hand out Fan material for several minutes.

    He’s a good guy. I hope he wins this battle.
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