SOLD KELLING SOUND 50s Precision Bass Solderless Control Harness Setup

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    Jan 6, 2004
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    Delicious sounding Kelling Sound Solderless 51 (or any other P Bass Harness. 51 Style Wiring with 15k transistor for bass roll off. A250k Alpha pots, with a treble bleed cap on the volume control with 1/4" Switchcraft jack. Pots are mini but the shafts are full sized. I had to bore out the holes on the control plates but the small knobs fit perfectly in the Sting and 50s Vibe Squier. Comes with Kelling diagram and mini screw driver.

    This is my 3rd Kelling P Bass set up. I have another one like this in my Squier VM 50s Vibe Precision and I have a Kelling 3 Way Tone mod in my Sting bass, which I decided to keep.

    This one is 3 days old - PayPal Payment gets it shipped to your Continental US state. Shipping via USPS Mail.

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