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Ken Lawrence 5-stringer is in da house (pics)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Lokire, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. I actually got this bass a few weeks ago and just forgot to post about it here but here's what I posted on some other boards right after I got it....just thought I would share my enthusiasm with you all :hyper:

    Yes today is the day that all my hard summer work has finally paid off big time. After saving every penney I've made, I bought a Ken Lawrence Unity bass last week. If I were to order this bass new from Ken Lawrence it would have been about 4 grand and at least a 12 month wait, but I stumbled upon this beauty for about half that, used (but in excellent condition nevertheless). A KL has been one of my many dream basses for years now and I never thought I'd be able to afford one I found this one.

    It was a big suprise waiting for me when I got home from work today. A big box (about the size of a bass case) was sitting in my living room. Yep - The Ken Lawrence had arrived. Which is crazy becuase It just shipped out only the day before and the estimate for when it would show up here was still a week away. So yeah, I now have my dream bass (one of many anyways) in my hands and it is incredible in every possible way. First off, it looks beautiful. The wings are made of mahogany, the top is coco bolo, the center block is Ash, and the neck and fingerboard are maple. The coco bolo, ash, and even the maple are very nicely grained. The 5-string neck feels like it was crafted specially for my own hands. A perfect fit. The carving of the headstock is very detailed and every little edge is beveled. I absolutely love the shape of the headstock and how it's so 3D. And the KL logo (made from Mother of Pearl with some sort of wood background) glimmers in the right light with pink and green and blue colors.

    And the attention to detail that Ken has is astounding. Like wherever 2 different woods meet - there is a thin little strip of what looks like walnut (not sure though) that goes inbetween them as a sort of binding. That same wood is even put in little circles around each of the screw holes on the back of the neck joint (which is very tight). A very classy look. The heel of the neck is blended to the body very nicely for a bolt on and it's very easy to play up in the 21-24th fret area. I can hardly even tell that it's a bolt on at all.

    Plays like butter and the sound is killer. Running through my Sadowsky Pre-amp pedal and my Bass Pod XT it sounds awesome but now I'm on the hunt for a good real amp to give me that extra bit of tone.

    Here's a few photos:




    And a link to more photos:
    http://photobucket.com/albums/v106/JasonFan/Ken Lawrence Unity Bass/
    Was starting to get dark out when I took these and I was using my old camera. The next good sunny day we have (which in seattle might be a while :p ) I'll take a bunch of better pics with my dads really nice camera

    I guess that's all for now. Cheers :bassist:

  2. Brian Barrett

    Brian Barrett

    Nov 25, 2001
    Murfreesboro, TN (Nashville)
    Dealer LowEndBassShop.com, Builder LowEndBasses.com
    Great to Hear ;)
  3. And of course - a huge thanks goes out to you Brian for making it happen ;)

    I'm still suprised that it stayed unsold for as long as it did - especially at a killer price like that :D
  4. RAM


    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    That is a beautiful bass! I've played only one KL in my life, but it was nothing short of amazing!

    Congrats on your new acquisition.:D