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SOLD Ken Smith Burner 4 (1990)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by BRIKEN, Jun 13, 2020.


    BRIKEN Supporting Member

    Feb 8, 2005
    Washington, DC
    District Of Columbia
    UPDATE: Considering trades for like-valued basses.

    You will not find a 30 year old high quality bass in this condition too often. It is in excellent condition (no major scratches, dings, gouges, etc.). The electronics are all working masterfully. The bass was recently inspected and setup by Metro Guitar Service with Ken Smith Burner strings. This is not the cheaper KSD models that are out there. There are similar models they are in poor condition and in need of major work selling for over $1000. Will come with a hard shell case. 4208C3A9-2805-487F-B7C8-FBB3B69FE680.jpeg 8A32B546-89B5-4D80-B78C-4EDC23173575.jpeg 6AC74718-4B4D-4FCE-B54D-D4EDE0067B51.jpeg 30D909F8-A489-4F74-B22A-D2D8EC8DC472.jpeg 1FF62913-DD6D-4452-8CA7-D7C5E2794D47.jpeg 860D8DFF-B9A2-46E1-B0F3-88B6482393CA.jpeg D3A121F5-49B7-40CE-A773-49B103BDD007.jpeg 5434C46C-A76C-4227-8D5B-4DF8DAD2881D.jpeg 8BA4FE72-57A7-46E2-B2B1-56AC82DD32DC.jpeg
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2020
  2. NYCBass

    NYCBass If it feels good it must be a Jazz Bass Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 22, 2006
    Queens NY
    I remember selling these when I worked at Sam Ash in the later 80’s early 90’s. Cool Basses for sure.
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  3. NO ONE 420

    NO ONE 420

    Mar 25, 2020
    I had one of these in black . Very thin , nice ass bass . GLWTS
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