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Ken Smith KSD vs. Fender MIA Deluxe

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by saxybill1, May 2, 2005.

  1. saxybill1

    saxybill1 Attorney

    Nov 9, 2004
    I'm looking at a KSD right now and already have a Fender MIA Deluxe. Unaltered, how do these 2 basses compare in playabilty (neck especially), tone and craftsmanship. Thanks for your help in my decision.

  2. Broach_insound


    Jan 25, 2005
    New York
    MIA deluxe

  3. ErnieD


    Nov 25, 2004
    Which one you looking at 60's or 70's? I was hunting for one to play live but could only find them while shopping online. Can't even imagine how one sounds but the Jazz style bodies just caught my eye. But before I had all the money saved up to get one I went with a really good deal on a new Skyline 55-01. And I could not find one of those to play first hand either. Maybe not the best way to buy a bass but I just asked a few TBers what they thought and got back loads of positive feedback. That was enuff for me to pull the trigger on one sight unseen, er unplayed. I saw plenty of pics at least and read up on it at the Lakland site. If you pick up a KSD please let us know how you like it, which model you got, the good and the bad of it, post pics cause I am again saving up for one. This time I hope to stay focused on it, but I am loving this 55-01 so I went with my gut and it paid off. Happy hunting.
  4. primus_55


    Dec 28, 2004
  5. Don't know the Ken Smith, but the fender usa deluxe j is my baby of choice. The second I laid hands on her neck I knew we were meant to be together. The sound is nothing to scoff at either. Nor is the beautiful trans red on the ash boday...oh the grain, the sweet grain... :p ...... Anyways, deluxe is an excellent choice. I'm sure the P's are great too. Built like a tank too, she's had a couple inadvertant contacts with the ground and she wasn't phased for a second.
  6. bazzanderson


    Oct 7, 2002
    Austin, TX

    + another 1.
  7. NINO3000


    Feb 10, 2004
    Mount Vernon NY
    The KSD is a cheaper bass with cheaper woods so therefore a cheaper tone. Alot of people like that high pitched clank but the tone is VERY light compared to an MIA jazz. Pay attention to the whole range of the tone (i.e mids highs lows) when you are listening to the ksd and you will see what Im talking about. Plus in my opinion it just doesnt feel as solid when holding it as the MIA jazz. I think it more compares to an MIM jazz. ( and I still like the MIM better)
  8. I vote for the MIA Jazz. I was really stoked when the KSD V-60 and V-70 came out. But I wasn't feeling the KSD v-70 that Bass Central had. It felt cheap and did not have the sound I wanted. I would not put too much weight in my short experience with one KSD. But I sure as hell would not buy one blindly without trying it out first.
  9. bazzanderson


    Oct 7, 2002
    Austin, TX
    played the 5 string version at a local music store. I looked FANTASTIC but didn't sound or feel nearly as good as my MIA Deluxe Jazz V. My MIA just feels much more solid and definitely has a much warmer bassier tone (even with the on-board preamp flat).
  10. ErnieD


    Nov 25, 2004
    Maybe I need to steer this money away from a KSD and more toward a MIA Deluxe. And I know I can find one of those locally to actually try out first hand. Oh well not in a rush, for awhile anyway I'm happy with my stable of basses, now cab(s) is what these bucks should probably go towards. :rollno: Sempre Gassy!

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