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Ken Smith Metal Masters...anyone else have these?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by My name is Mudd, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. My instructor gave me a new set of Ken Smith Metal Masters - 50/70/85/105 - that I've had on my 004 for about a month now, and I REALLY like these (in spite of the 'Metal' naming...at least I didn't put them on my Extreme-4. There's and aggro setup - Metal Masters on an Extreme-4, the Official Bass of the X-Games). So anyway, now that the new'ness has faded out of them, they have a nice pronounced 'edge', tone-wise, that I quite like.

    I just did a search here for Ken Smith strings in general and came up with nothing. Am I the only one who's using these? And does anyone know who may actually be making these for Smith?
  2. I used them briefly and came to the conclusion that they aren't for me. By both touch and tone I really don't enjoy these strings until they're significantly worn in. In general I'm not a fan of stainless steels but these feel like they were coated in baby powder before they left the factory, they feel super tacky. However, once they were worn in they sounded and felt fantastic on my old Spector. I'd buy a set used for sure, lol. I've been using Ken Smith Burners almost exclusively for a while now and they're perfect for me.

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