Ken Smith / Mike Lull Bass Sale

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  1. I have two basses currently for sale, and I don't want to go to ebay without offering these to TalkBass members first...

    Ken Smith BTG 6 string bass: $2300 obo.

    5 piece body/5 piece neck. Quilted Maple top/back with mahogany core and walnut veneers in between. Neck is maple with walnut stringers. There is a beltbuckle scratch on the back, a nick in the finish on the side of the neck by the 3rd fret, and a few nicks in the finish at the bottom of the bass near the input jack. I am the original owner of this instrument.

    Mike Lull MV5: $1400 obo.

    Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. Has opaque deep cherry red finish with white pickgaurd. Has Seymour Duncan pups and bart preamp. A small chip in the finish on the side of the bass keeps it from being in like new condition.

    Pics of both at:
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    Aug 16, 2000
    The Smith looks sweet, dude. If I didn't already have my 2000 BSR6 GN, I'd be all over it. Good price, too. Good luck.
  4. yeah, i wanted to price it to sell.. but nobody's buying :eek: :D
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