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  1. I was wondering how Ken Smiths are. How do they sound compared to other leading SS strings, particularly DR Hi-Beams (bassy) and RotoSounds (punchy), and what they're lifespan is like. If you have any info on their B strings (tightness and the like) it'd be appreciated as well.

  2. Helstar


    Nov 26, 2005
    I use Ken Smiths, I was using Metal masters, then I went to Rock Masters, they are great strings in my opion, I have noticed that when you first put them on they feel like crap for about the first hour or so, they are ......grabby??? it is weird it is NOT sticky like a coated stirng, it is just like it grabs your skin, kinda like dragging your finger across a piece of glass (smooth) then dragging it across a brick(solid but grippy). now after about an hour they are freaking great. I really like them. Roto sounds are to rough for me, and I am getting the Smiths for sheaper then DR. I hold both Smith strings and DR in the same class. Very good life (about 4 to 6 weeks), I wish they did custom size sets but they do not. THey sound great I really like the sound. Now for the tension, uhmm I have not really ever found a string that I felt was tight enough I like a VERY tight string, but Smiths are fine, I would try them I was very glad that I did
  3. The only set I ever bought was dead out of the box.
  4. 1kinal

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    Jan 18, 2006
    Montreal, Qc. Canada
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    I used them for a few years when I started to play because they were easily available in my town. I would put them between Hi-beams and Rotosound's as far as sound and feel. Cannot comment on their low-B as I was playing 4-strings back then.

    I sinced switched to DR for most of my basses. DR's sounds better, last longer and feel better for me.

    Still, the Ken Smith strings are still excellent for the price.
  5. I think Ken Smith strings are some of the brighter strings I've ever used. Very snappy, and sharp tone in a good way. They tend to keep that ringy new strings feel/sound longer than most SS strings, however, until they're stretched from use a few times, they tend to go out of tune a bit more than most new strings. They also break easily if you play hard IME, but all in all, I like them!
  6. logey


    Feb 18, 2007
    for a while, I was dead set on taper core strings. I used them on 3 different occasions and they lost their tone after only a few weeks of "light playing" I would not recommend them at all, maybe the non taper ones are different:cool:
  7. i ended up with a set of Compressors last weekend and it turns out i love them. they replaced a set of TI Flats on my Lakland Hollowbody with Dark Stars. the Ken Smiths are way more stout and they sound very good. they are smoother than roundwounds, but still have a lot of life to them. they have a nice thick sound without sounding flatwound dead. they are very present. i love them. GREAT strings.
  8. I use the KS 130t's ... they are fine. I like the MTD 135x's better. Very tight B string and they last a long time.
  9. Tom Howland

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    Feb 11, 2003
    I've been into Compressors for about 5 yrs.
    Unique string.
    They work great with Darkstars.
    Love the on my Decade,
    Also, sound great with a P-bass.
    In between a flat, and a nickel string in tone.
    Nice feel to string. smooth.
    Last a long time.

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