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  1. Did any of you catch Kenny Chesney on Today. His bass player had a red Bongo 5'er through a big Peavey rig (8x10's) I don't know how much the rig contributed to the TV audio but, the bass tone was about as clean and clear as I've heard on any of these concerts. I may become a Bongo fan yet...:)
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    I just saw the show on TODAY and my wife laughed at me. Let me explain.

    Admittedly, we are not country fans, but I saw his original performance on TODAY a few weeks ago (today was a special return show because he was so popular).

    I told my wife, "You gotta watch this, even though I HATE new country, the original show - 1st song was hot". It came on and even I didn't recognize it as the same sound or band. The mix today was all messed up and I had to score one for my wife as she disappeared into another room.

    It is interesting that you thought that the tone today was nice and clear. The first show a few weeks ago was nice and the bass player had great tone and the group was well mixed. I thought today was a different band.
  3. I saw the 1st show too and I agree that the mix today sort of sucks, but the bass still sounds great. I guess you know what I listen for, well at least in this type of music. :smug:
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    Possibly the most annoying artist on earth next to Celine Dion. JMHO :):bag:
  5. Tim McGraw's 'MiniMe':D

    I must admit that Chesney has done a pretty good job of becoming the 'next generation' Jimmy Buffet. It's almost like they had a corporate meeting and said 'well, Buffet's getting old and there's a big part of the younger generation who also dig the 'simple song, beach, girl, drunk' thing. Let's do that:D
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    I thought that the most annoying artist next to Celine Dion was Barbra Streisand...assuming you think she's an artist...
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    Back to the orginal point.

    I doubt the cab had anything to do with the sound. He probably went into a board. Eve n if he didn't you have camera mics, sound mics, and a tv engineer who can really play with the sound.
  10. +1 all the way.