SOLD Kent Armstrong Lipstick Jazz Pickup

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  1. Price:
    1. Kent Armstrong Model JBLR-1. $40 shipped continental US
    For bridge location. Works great, chrome is scratched up. SOLD!


    2. Klein Epic 1962 Jazz set. $195 SOLD!
    Never installed, still has plastic on covers. I got these to put in my Hamer Cruise 2Tek and before installing I found a set of Pre-CBS Flying Mojo's that matched those in my fretless jazz. Price includes shipping to continental USA.

    IMG_1713.JPG IMG_1718.JPG

    3. Lakland Hanson Chisonic single coil set. $125 SOLD!
    These came out of a Lakland Hollowbody. I purchased them to swap out the Barts in mine but traded the bass. These mount from behind.

    IMG_1721.JPG IMG_1722.JPG

    4. Hanson Chisonic Humbucker 5 string Humbucker set. $170 SOLD!

    No longer manufactured. These were used by Lakland in some of their USA custom basses. Painted gold by Pat Wilkins (US Lakland custom painter) for use in a custom build. With four leads they can be wired in Parallel, Series and/or Single coil. They are in perfect working order and could be re-painted. Size is 105mm x 48mm.

    chi sonic HB 2 Gold.jpg chi sonic HB Gold.jpg
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