Kent Armstrong MM replacement- any good?

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  1. anyone tried one? ESH have used them in their basses, but does it get the stingray sound?

    I'm intending to fit a Musicman style p/up to a Dearmond Jetstar special bass (cost only £65 and is well-made, plays well, but lousy tone due to P p/up fitted too close to the bridge, which is the ideal place for a MM to go, given a little routing first).
    I'm going to fit a series/parallel/single coil selector, and might put an active circuit in too.
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    May 2, 2000
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    I've been thinking of getting one for my StingRay-I tried to order one from WD Music Products a few weeks ago but their online order system wasn't working. I want to get either the Kent or a Bartolini with bar polepieces to take care of string balance problems.

    The Bass Player review of the Esh said that the pickup sounded very good but was pretty dark-that's actually what I'm looking for. Harmony Central has some rave user reviews of other Kent Armstrong pickups so I'll probably take the plunge-it's only $60.
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  3. thanks for the info.

    Kent Armstrong uses ceramic magnets, so I'm surprised by the "darkness" comment.
    I fitted a Kent Armstrong soapbar humbucker to my Hohner B2A just where a Stingray p/up would be, and in parallel or series mode with the active circuit on it sounds very stingray-like.
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  4. I'm getting excited. Going to put a Kent Armstrong into my Ray4. If nothing else it'll be different
  5. The MM Stingray pickup is only $44 now in 2023. Amazing.
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    Mar 17, 2004
    Good pickup, great price!
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