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    Sep 25, 2004
    Well Hi guys, I have a KSD Ken Smith Design Burner 4 String That I bought from Musicians friend last month and I am working on him on the aesthetic , changing knobs , covering the KSD area logo because the previous owner change the logo to the S and didn’t like how looks.. well I decide to change C99A57B1-377C-4BE7-B9B2-041F13661651.jpeg F356A463-3E65-4352-971A-530DABA53016.jpeg C99A57B1-377C-4BE7-B9B2-041F13661651.jpeg F356A463-3E65-4352-971A-530DABA53016.jpeg 1C773E36-B0BB-430E-9560-298256A7781F.jpeg the pickups to Kent Armstrong, will be making the modification today, I have also an BSR5J for twenty years and Love it .. but this is my little project , I know we’re to find a new preamp but no yet who is the manufacturer of the KS bridge so little by little I will try to do my best. If any advice will be welcome!
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    Mar 22, 2007
    Congrats, that's a great looking bass, I bet it plays great too. Would be nice to see more pics, when you're done.
    I recently received my Kent Armstrong pups as well, though mine are hum buckers. Hey, Kent didn't send me a groovy sticker and patch like that! ...what gives? lol.
    No advice for you, I'll need help with wiring too, (need a 5 way switch), just wanted to wish you the best with the fine tuning of such cool bass.