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    Jan 26, 2003
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    I'm looking to get a keyboard, because my teacher said it would help me with theory and stuff. Except, I'm tight on cash. So I'm looking for a keyboard under $200. And I want it to sound as cheesy as possible, video game-like I guess. But not cheesy-cheesy, I want synth pop cheese.

    (I don't know anything about keyboards or pianos :p)
  2. Do you prefer new or used? (new keyboards have warranties, but used ones give you more bang for the buck)

    Do you want velocity sensitive keys? (the keys play quieter or louder depending on how you strike them, like a real piano)

    Do you like to tweak synthesizer sounds? (some people like to tweak knobs and buttons, to create sounds... some people are happy to use presets)

    Do you want it to have a sequencer? (a sequencer is a note/track/song memory, with edit capability, that will play your keyboard for you, after you compose and store the song)

    If you can give us a little more info, we could recommend something you'd probably like.

    I own a Yamaha DX7 (20 year old digital synth) pd $250 for it; a Roland D550 (17 year old digital synth) pd $199 for it; and an Ensoniq ESQ-1 (16 year old digital synth / sequencer) worth about $190. Each one is loads of fun and tweakable. I've played the DX7 with my band.

    Yes, a keyboard instrument is a valuable tool when learning theory....:cool: