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  1. So i know this is bit off topic for talkbass but surely some folks here play in bands with keyboard players or maybe you play bass guitar and keybass in a band. I’m looking for a keyboard stand tall enough to play standing up so I can go back and forth from bass to keys onstage. Something more sturdy than the more affordable “X” style stands because we have a high energy show and I don’t want it falling over. I’ve got a couple and when adjusted to be higher they aren’t very sturdy. I’m not really looking to spend $300-500 on some of the super nice looking ones I’m coming across though. The board is a more affordable version of the Yamaha motif the mx49. So it’s a relatively small keyboard. Wider than a Microkorg or moog sub phatty but no where near as wide as an 88 key. I’ve been playing it a lot using “splits” for my new project where I’m playing keybass with my left hand and layering stuff like pad sounds with my right hand then stepping back and playing bass guitar. At rehearsal we have a giant 412 cab roadcase I set it on but it’s way to big and heavy to be hauling to gigs as a keyboard stand.
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  3. Looks pretty nice, a little more expensive than I’m hoping for. If I can’t find something though I’ll just save a bit and grab one. Thank you for the recommendation
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    Nov 15, 2009
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  7. 36” might be a little to short to play standing. I’m a tall guy. but I will see check if they have a taller option. Thank you for the suggestion

    I used a plastic bookshelf thing at rehearsal yesterday lol E9CB2BBE-FCEC-4F99-8112-FF99797311AF.jpeg
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    They have a 2 tier option - just use the upper tier :)

    36" just feel perfect for me. I'm average height (5'10") and my keyboard is just a the right position, I use the stand at it's highest point.
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    Just bought this keyboard stand a couple of months ago, to replace an X-style stand that felt weak. This one holds up to 250 lbs, for 54-88 keys instruments. Very sturdy. Paid $44, shipping included. The version with roller wheels is a little more expensive. Now I'm looking for a second tier adapter for it.
    Couldn't be more happy with it.
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  11. You're talking about 9lb(4kg) keyboard. The heavy duty solutions are for 50+ lbs keyes. Are you worried about the stand falling over or the keyboard falling off the stand? If it's the former, get an X-stand and fill the feet with sand. Get the center of gravity low, and the thing won't tip. If it's the latter, use velcro to keep your keyboard stuck to the top.
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  12. I don't know what they cost these days, but I'm old school and like mine
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  14. Redaxes


    Aug 8, 2015
    60C88271-857C-4AE5-9743-E4B4C85B5E08.jpeg Black and Decker workmate worked for us. I made something out of plywood and a 2x4 to make it a 2 keyboard stand.
  15. mapleglo

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    I use this K&M stand. It is very sturdy, and can adjust to a standing play height. Lots of cool accessories, like mic stand attachment and 2nd tier.

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    Look into the OnStage stands, I use one for my Roland RD2000 it is heavy duty. 20191206_210409.jpg