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  1. Wasn't sure which area to post this - so I picked misc ... hope that's OK.

    So I have been practicing hard to become a bassist - I generally hold down the keyboard spot but I play other instruments as well. I've given my notice that I'm leaving my band (where I'm the keyboardist) and they are breaking in a new keyboardist ... I agreed to show up to rehearsal tonight and let the new keyboardist make videos of what I'm playing. (it's all original material so I've written my one parts - well, I've written most of the songs in fact)

    I spend a lot of time coming up with parts and getting the voicing and the sounds just right so it adds something (or I don't play anything - much better to not muddy things up unless I can come up with a part that really adds something needed)

    Anyway --- I was showing the new keyboardist some of the voicings I use and how I stay out the range where the other instruments are (leave the bass to the bassist). He looked at me like I'd just stepped out of a flying saucer.

    One of the songs breaks into a doubletime frenzy at the end with a lot going on and it just doesn't need any keyboards - I told him I just lay out or maybe play some percussion --- he said he would double the bassline. I told him that most bassists want to strangle keyboardists or at least chop off their left hand - and he gave me that look again like I'd just fallen out of a UFO from Mars... He held up his left hand and said "this is my bass player right here". I told him that, personally, I find it disrespectful to the bassist to walk all over his basslines with your left hand -- that look again. He said he had never heard of such a thing in his life.

    that's my story ... not sure why I posted it, I guess I just wanted to share and get some support that I'm not the only person in the world who thinks keyboardists should stay the hell out of the bassists lines. Thanks for reading!
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    I don't believe you will get any argument from THIS audience...
  3. Richland123


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    When a keyboardist plays bass lines and steps on the bass player's parts, that is like having a one-handed keyboard player who could be doing so much more playing keyboard parts with both hands. In some cases, with two different keyboards doing a piano part with a string synthesizer part.
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    Sometimes you just need to take a chainsaw to the lower two octaves!
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    Much better than my initial thoughts. Don't misunderstand. My idea still involved a chainsaw. I just didn't harm a perfectly good keyboard in my version. ;)
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    I'm dealing with one of those guys right now. I have already warned my band that if the guy continues playing left hand bass............I'm out. Due to some job demands, he has not been to rehearsals in 2 months now and it's been a pleasure.
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    There's that, too.
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    The keyboard bass playing might be great for a duo or trio but has to be under control for a band with a real bass. It muddies the bottom and as said - the keyboard player could and should be doing so much more with two hands.