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Kicking Myself

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Charlie Quatro, Jun 4, 2001.

  1. A couple weeks ago I saw an early 70's Jazz Bass in fiesta red advertized Bass Palace's site.
    I really liked the looks of it, very unique, and I don't own a Jazz at the moment.
    I didn't jump on it and it disappeared a couple days later.
    Now I'm kicking myself.
    Anyone know where I might find another one?

    I'm even considering having one built with that finish if I can't find one.

    Anybody ever had a custom shop Fender made?

    It's the only Jazz I've seen that gave me serious G.A.S.!

  2. Hey Charlie, sorry to hear your object of desire slipped through your hands, but that sometimes happens. The Fender custom shop? Ye gads that'll
    be expensive. Instead, check out the Warmoth site.
    They make any kind of Fender replacement part, and then some. They have exactly made Fender bodies with all the holes drilled so that all stock pats will bolt right on. They also have bodies ready to ship for $235.00, and one of the colors they have on hand is Fiesta Red. They also make necks and anything custom you want. I'm pretty sure that'll be a lot cheaper than the custom shop, and you'll get it a lot faster.


    Good luck,
    Mike J.
  3. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I dunno if it's "Fiesta" Red, but a real purty reddish-brown
    J bod showed-up in the Warmoth Thrift shop recently ($250)...

  4. Notduane, that is a very delicious looking shade o'red. Yum. Hey Charlie, one more thing I forgot to mention, and you can see it here; notice there are no pickguard screw holes on the face of this body.
    You can get any body back routed for a little extra moo-la. Are you drooling yet?

    Mike J.
  5. Thanks Michael,
    That's actually one of the things I was considering.(Warmoth).

    Add the Status graphite Jazz neck and some Lindy Fralin pups and wouldn't she be sweet?

    Probably turn out better than the real thing.
    Status will install the neck.

  6. I located a pic of this babe.
    Ain't she pretty?
    This one's a 66. I'm sure they want an arm, a leg and probably a doo dad for it.

    I'll have to make one.

  7. Man, all you need is a salad and a glass of wine and you could eat that up! BTW, I just remembered,
    about a month ago at Matt Umanov Music (a nice shop on Bleeker St., NYC) they had a red Jazz, with matching headstock(probably early 70s) absolutely mint, and they wanted $4,000.00 for it.
    That's a little high, but at least you know the territory you're in. I think if you get all the parts from Warmoth, you could do this for under a grand.

    Good luck, let us know what you decide,
    Mike J.
  8. Here's another one, just needs the pickgard replaced with the tort-shell one.
    They want 2089.00 for it because it's a custom shop relic.

    I can't justify that kind of money for a used 4 string Jazz.
    Maybe if it was a real pre-cbs.

    I still have a Stingray 5 fretless on order.

    I think I'll just get a new Jazz V and have it refinished.
    I prefer 5's anyway.

  9. Charlie, that 70s Jazz I mentioned looked almost like the photo you posted, except it had binding on the neck with inlaid rectangular position markers.
    But 4 grand? I think that'll be in their shop for some time to come. I agree with you on the money part; if you're a collector fine, but, if there's a brand new bass that sounds like something vintage at 1/4 the cost, gimmie new.

    Mike J.
  10. Hey Michael,

    I think I found the one at Matts. It's a '66 and is candy apple red.
    Fiesta red has a more orange/pinkish sort of hue to it.

    They want 4000.00 for this one.
  11. That's it! Wow, what a small world! They had this baby in the window for about a month along with a Pre-CBS Precision that was pretty beat up, and they wanted $2,995.00 for that one. 1966? That shows I have to go back to Fender I.D.ing school.
    I didn't think they had the matching headstocks 'till then. See what I mean, it's a real nice bass, but For that price, you can build your own, take a small vacation, and still have some bread left over for Christmas. That Warmoth is looking better all the time, isn't it?

    Mike J.

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