TRADED Kiesel Xccelerator X44 Trades Updated

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    This is a right handed bass, just a reverse headstock.

    If your familiar with the quality of instruments Kiesel is manufacturing at the moment then you know that you get a lot for your money and this bass is no different. The one disclosure to note is that I replaced the original Kiesel branded pickups with Carvin branded single coils (same ere, you can see they fit perfectly) Gives the bass a nice 70'j type growl due to the ash body, and pickup positioning. Preamp also allows for significant fattening up of the tone as well. It's a super versatile instrument.

    Bumping this for the first time in some time. Updated trade interest would be a Kiesel/Carvin JB4 or JB5 a G&L Jazz,

    Also would be interested in a flea active Jazz plus cash to the other party.

    Also open to other offers.
    sale price 850 shipped.

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