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    My friend is looking for a replacement for my brother in his hard rock band.

    What you get from us:
    - Fun work environment
    - Great memories
    - Casual Fridays

    What we need from you:
    - Love of music
    - Criminal background check
    - Highschool transcript
    - Contact information for your last seven (7) direct managers
    - PhD in a related field (Marketing, Electrical Engineering, AI etc.)
    - Fun attitude
    - Power of Attorney, should the worst happen and you become incapacitated in the line of duty
    - Willing to travel nine (9) months of the year
    - Drum set, amplifiers and a P.A. for rehearsals
    - Professional recording knowledge

    Additionally, you will be expected to provide one (1) case of twenty-four (24) Keystone Light, as well as one (1) case of fifteen (15) Blackberry Bubly to each rehearsal, and two (2) cases of twenty-four (24) Keystone Light, as well as two (2) cases of fifteen (15) Blackberry Bubly to each live performance. Rehearsals will be planned at the sole discretion of my friend, the band leader.

    At this time, we are unable to provide a per diem for days spent on tour, however, if a concert venue provides the band with complimentary drink tickets, you will be allotted one (1) ticket, provided that the total number of tickets given to the band exceeds fifteen (15).

    Please submit an audio file summarizing your resume in your response.
  2. If only they were closer. :(
  3. BLDavis

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    Wow! Canadian bands are tough on bass players. But hey, at least it's a "fun work environment".
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    I've been through this in Canadian bands I don't know what their problem is but they're all primadonna's some of them

    not the one I'm with now

    echo steps