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  1. Hey, I'm getting ready to install a kill switch on my P-Bass (Once I'm done with the Re-Finish) and I know for the most part what to do. As I understand, the switch should be on the hot wire between the tone pot and jack. Problem is I've got this dpdt switch with 6 things on the bottom, and I don't know which ones to connect. I can't find any sort of diagram on this and any help would be greatly appreciated.:help:

    (FYI The P'ups are Fralins and the switch is a dpdt from radio shack if this helps at all)
  2. connect the hot from the tone pot to the prong in column one row one, and then run another wire from the prong in column two row one to the output jack. This will make the up switch kill the signal and the bottom switch have the hot signal.
  3. It's two isolated switches controlled by one rocker. (So two double-throw switches.)

    Just connect the hot to the middle of one of the sides, and the jack to the either of the two leads beside it.

    Like, if your leads on the switch were:

    _ _ _
    _ _ _

    You would connect it to the first and second from the top left.
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    a spst would have been good enough but...


    As per the above diagram...

    Solder the + wire curently going to the output jack to one of the middle pins.

    Take a piece of wire and solder it to the pin directly above or below the pin that has the other wire on it.

    Solder the other end of the wire to the output jack.

    You MAY want to do the same with the - side (or the ground side). If you do make sure that the wire is soldered to the same side (above or below) as the hot (or +) wire so that the wire are in a group of 4 like this ::

    (I am not sure is doing this to the ground side matters. You may end up using only 2 pins on your switch (for the + side).


  5. WOW! This helps a lot, Thanks guys!:D