Killing my buzz

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  1. I recently made a thread about my Washburn AB-20 acoustic bass that I thought might have a broken truss rod. As it turns out the truss is not broken, it was just way loose. I tightened it up a bit and it seems to have good tension now, wheras before it would just turn with no resistance. However, I still can't seem to get rid of the fret buzz.

    It happens all over the fretboard, but mostly open strings and the first few frets. I also noticed that if I strike the string horizontally (as if you were strumming) it isn't as bad as vertically (like slapping or popping). I've turned the truss rod a rotation or two since I've been working on it, and I'm afraid to tighten it any more since I'm not seeing much improvement thus far.

    So, should I keep adjusting the truss or look into other things? I noticed the bridge piece is worn, there are big grooves under each string, and it has a crack under the E (top) string, so I'm going to replace it when I find/make a new one. I don't think the bridge is the only problem though, but while I'm messing with that, should I raise the bridge enough to eliminate the buzz or is there something else I should look into? I like low action, so any solution besides raising the strings more would be great.
  2. The relief is more than a couple business cards, so lowering the relief should help with the fret buzz? It seems like that would make it worse. Or do I just need to fix the relief and then raise the strings at the bridge?

    Also, do you know anywhere I can buy a new piece for the bridge? You know what I'm talking about, the plastic piece that the strings rest on at the bridge. Is it hard/wise to make one myself? What material should I use?
  3. I'm sure the saddle needs to be replaced, it has grooves worn in it from the strings and its cracked on one end. So, I'll probably just make one myself if I can't find an exact replacement. I'd like to make a sturdier one, would bone work well? I'll tweak the relief some more over the next few days, I'm just so paranoid that I'm going to break something... I hold my breath and cross my fingers while turning the truss rod :)

    Thanks for all your help :bassist: