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    May 19, 2009
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    Kinal Kompact Fretted 5 in a beautiful burst finish.

    · Acoustic-electric

    · 30" scale

    · Rosewood fingerboard

    · spruce top and a beautiful cocobolo laminate on headstock.

    · Tuned E-C

    · Nut width 1.75 inches, width at 12th fret 2.63 inches, string spacing 19 mm at bridge

    · Around 7 lbs on bathroom scale

    · Kinal Basses

    Bass sounds amazing and the 30" scale is a joy to play. I've thought about putting this up for sale at least five times over the past couple of years ... but then play it for a few minutes and decide it is too nice to let go. Unfortunately, outstanding bills are telling me otherwise this time ... so it's for sale only ... until I come up with an alternate method to raise funds.

    The bass has a few dings and scratches. I've tried to capture the worst of them in the pics. Beyond that, there are a couple of issues I would like to fully disclose ...

    1) The bass has some hairline cracks in the lacquer on both sides of the nut and at the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 9th frets. I received the bass this way (I am the third owner from what I can determine) and after discussing with the previous owner and Mike Kinal, it was determined that this may have happened in shipping due to adverse weather conditions. The cracks in no way affect the playability and have not gotten any worse in the 3+ years I have owned the bass. To quote Mike's correspondence to me ...

    "cracks in the finish just look like surface cracks in the lacquer. Not to worry about anything structural. This sometimes happens in adverse weather conditions."

    Pics are included that show two of the worse cracks.

    2) I honestly never play this bass plugged in ... but it does sound great that way. However, when plugged in, the C string is louder than the low E. I asked Mike about this as well ... his response ...

    "The piezo works on a downward pressure contact from the string. So basically the string pressure on the saddle makes contact with the bottom of the saddle to the piezo strip. Therefore, in order to reduce the volume of the “C” string you have to file the bottom of the saddle so you get less pressure on that string. Word of caution, be careful to take off small amounts and retest each time. Hope this is helpful. Good luck and remember remove only small amounts."

    After talking it over with the previous seller, we determined that this volume difference probably came about when he switched from Mike's standard strings (DR Short Scale Sunbeam according to Mike) to Thomastik Infeld Acousticores (which felt and sounded great). Rather than take a file to the bass, I tried switching the strings out to the closest DR strings I could get my hands on at the time ... the string change helped ... but did not fully rectify the volume difference. Since I intended on playing acoustically the majority of the time anyway ... I have let it be as is. If you intend on using both unplugged and plugged in, you may want to address this.

    Not me ... but some great playing and a nice example of the sound and depth of Kinal's Kompact models ...

    $1200 shipped within lower 48. Bass shipped in lightweight acoustic guitar bag.

    IMG_1597.JPG IMG_1598.JPG IMG_1599.JPG IMG_1600.JPG IMG_1601.JPG IMG_1602.JPG IMG_1603.JPG IMG_1625.JPG IMG_1626.JPG IMG_1627.JPG IMG_1628.JPG IMG_1631.JPG
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