Kinda new to Ohms. 4ohm head 8ohm cab?

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  1. ericgene52


    Dec 14, 2013
    Hello. I have a Orange OBC410 bass cab that runs 8ohms. I also have a old Ampeg SVT 400t. I know the 400t runs to amps at 200 watts each at 4ohms. I want to know if i can play that with my Orange cab. My OBC410 can handle 600 watts. Can someone let me know if it is safe to play this together? Or if ill need a new head?
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    Jan 14, 2003
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    Ok, then why don't you ask that in the appropriate section of TB, like here.
  3. Sir,
    I have an Acoustic 600watt head powering an Acoustic 8x10 cab. I also have an Acoustic 370 running thru an Acoustic 301 cab (18' speaker) I hooked up both amps thru a Big Muff bass pedal in the off position to run it to my Bass. Am I harming my amps? If not, what settings are most beneficial to the 8x10 cab (hi/ low/ midrange) and the 18' bass cab?? It just seems redundant to have both amps on basically the same settings. The fullness of sound makes hauling that ton of equipment worthwhile.