KISS - Casino Rama - Orillia Canada

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    Oct 26, 2014
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    Went and saw KISS last night - very small venue...quite impressive venue actually.

    Poor Paul - his voice has not recovered over the last many straining years. Im sure i will get some flack for saying that ..and/or GOING to see KISS lol...(i know there's a Gene hate-on often here). Regardless - late 60 year old men, wearing 6 inch boots and still moving around on a stage for 2 hours.... lots of fire friendly pyro, lots of explosions, lots of lights and video-trons - all in a 5500 seat venue. Kinda cool.

    Of all things, i left by being mostly impressed with their guitarist (ex roadie) Tommy Thayer... he has really improved and even sang a song - reminiscent of Ace - it was good actually!

    What i DID notice about the concert, it was filled with bits of instrumental instead of song after song, and Pauls sits back waiting for someone (anyone) to sing the higher notes - even some of his low notes were awful. Poor guy - needs to find a fill-in, pronto!

    Anyway - just thought i'd post this incase they're coming to a town near you. Good solid concert for some old classic rockers. :)
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